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City of Philadelphia

About Us

For the health and safety of your neighborhood, we ask that you comply with these rules and regulations:

  • Do not litter. Teach your children not to litter
  • Pick up trash and litter from your property. Place your garbage in a trash can to help maintain a clean street.
  • Recycling is now “single stream” so there is no need to separate plastics, glass, etc. Place all recycling together in marked cans.
  • Remove high weeds from your property, pavement and along your fence.
  • Walk your dog on a leash
  • Follow the pooper scooper law (pick up your dog’s feces).
  • Don’t play your radio/stereo loud. Be considerate of your neighbors.


CLIP consists of several programs and agencies dedicated to improving the appearance of neighborhoods throughout the City of Philadelphia through the eradication of blight.

A Letter from the Director

A letter from Thomas M. Conway, Deputy Managing Director.

CLIP Clean Up Request Form

Submit an online request for Clean Up.