Currently Open for Bidding

The City of Philadelphia, acting through its Department of Public Property, will accept bids for the individual purchase and sale of the following properties that are owned by the City and have been designated as surplus property of the City:

Zip Code Address Bid Ending Date
191471829 1208 KATER ST  
191461319 2038 PEMBERTON ST  
191462618 1902 CHRISTIAN ST  
191462529 2255 MONTROSE ST  
191301425 2014 PARRISH ST  
191230000 860-866 N LEITHGOW ST  

only those bids submitted on the proper form and in accordance with all bidding requirements shall be reviewed by the city.

Contact 215-686-4443 or to receive the proper bid form, information on the requirements of bidding, and the conditions for individual purchase and sale of these properties.