President’s House 2010 Public Display 

This is the City of Philadelphia’s proposed exhibit plan for President’s House: Freedom and Slavery in Making a New Nation—a permanent, outdoor commemorative installation, to be placed on the footprint of the President's House, directly adjacent to the Liberty Bell Center. This display illustrates the imagery and other visuals that are intended to make a powerful impact on the site’s visitors.
Please take the time to click through the photos. They can also be seen at the Independence Visitor Center, on the North Wall. As a 24/7 open-air commemoration, we would like to encourage the residents and visitors of Philadelphia to look and comment. Your input is incredibly valuable. You may submit your thoughts by filling out a comment card[link to pdf of comment card], or emailing your reactions to




This photograph shows the south side of the 500 block of Market Street in 1949. The surviving eastern wall of the President's House is at center. The "ghost" of the President's House is outlined in red. From the Evening Bulletin Newspaper Collection, Urban Archives, Temple University.  Overlay: Edward Lawler Jr. Mantelpiece from the President's House. In the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Collection, Atwater Kent Museum. Photo by Jack E. Boucher, ca. 1965. Historic American Buildings Survey, no. PA-1942. "Washington's Residence, High Street." Lithograph by William L. Breton. From John Fanning Watson's Annals of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, 1830)