President’s House In The News 

President's House Overview: From 1790 to 1800, when the city of Philadelphia was our new nation’s capital, Presidents George Washington and John Adams lived and worked in a mansion – the President’s House – that stood roughly one block north of Independence Hall. In that house, the first two American presidents literally invented what it meant to be Chief Executive of the United States.

President's House Fact Sheet: President’s House commemorative site is an open-air installation designed to give visitors a sense of the house where the first two presidents of the United States, George Washington and John Adams served their terms of office. The commemorative site pays homage to nine documented enslaved persons of African descent who were part of the Washington household and addresses the topic of slavery in the early history of the United States.

Philadelphia Business Journal, June 4 2010: Design of President’s House up in air

KYW Newsradio 1060 May 10, 2010: Karin Phillips sits with the project’s exhibit team to discuss next steps of the memorial.

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Philadelphia Inquirer August 27, 2009 “Letters: President’s House Isn’t About Accurate History”

Philadelphia Inquirer August 25, 2009 “Letters: Historical Accuracy Should Not Be Ignored”

World Architecture News August 24, 2009 “Editorial: The President’s House Mired in Controversy”

WHYY  August 24, 2009 “President’s House Has New Design”

Philadelphia Inquirer August 23, 2009 “At President’s House, a Shameful History Gives Way to Progress”

Philadelphia Inquirer August 22, 2009 “2/3 of President’s House Contracts to Minorities, Women”

6ABC August 21, 2009 “VIDEO: Controversy over Memorial”

Philadelphia Inquirer August 20, 2009 “President’s House Design Criticized”

KYW August 3, 2009 “Construction Project at President’s House Moves Forward”

City Paper July 8, 2009 “The Handmaiden’s Untold Tale”

Philadelphia Inquirer July 3, 2009 “Minority Role Pushed in President’s House Project”

Philadelphia Tribune May 8, 2009 “Heated Debate over President’s House Work”

PlanPhilly January 21, 2009 “Rendell Wants President’s House Fast-tracked”

Youtube January 21, 2009 “Mayor Nutter Talks about the President’s House Historic Site”

6ABC July 3, 2008 “Remembering the Slaves of Washington”


This photograph shows the south side of the 500 block of Market Street in 1949. The surviving eastern wall of the President's House is at center. The "ghost" of the President's House is outlined in red. From the Evening Bulletin Newspaper Collection, Urban Archives, Temple University.  Overlay: Edward Lawler Jr. Mantelpiece from the President's House. In the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Collection, Atwater Kent Museum. Photo by Jack E. Boucher, ca. 1965. Historic American Buildings Survey, no. PA-1942. "Washington's Residence, High Street." Lithograph by William L. Breton. From John Fanning Watson's Annals of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, 1830)