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Kelly/Maiello Model – photo provided by Kelly/Maiello.
Kelly/Maiello Model – photo provided by Kelly/Maiello.

Explanation of Model Provided by Kelly/Maiello Team

THE PRESIDENT'S HOUSE: Freedom and Slavery in Making a New Nation

Dreams of Freedom and Tales of Slavery infused the President's House in the 1790s.

The interpretive program of the Kelly/Maiello and Daniel J. Keating Co. Design Build Team invites Independence National Historical Park visitors to "Listen In" to these narratives, recaptured across the centuries.

At eight distinct locations visitors experience the six substantive themes of the presentation: The House and the People Who Lived there; The Executive Branch of the U. S. Government; The System and Methods of Slavery; African-American Philadelphia, especially free African-American; The Move to Freedom, and History Lost and Found.

Kelly/Maiello Model – photo provided by Kelly/Maiello.
Kelly/Maiello Model – photo provided by Kelly/Maiello.

As visitors move through the ghost of the building, its architectural fragments reveal the traces of momentous decisions, heart-rending conversations, and the passing details of everyday life and work in a complex human community:

  • In sound recordings of dialogues, of ordinary work, of the passing of days, weeks, seasons, and presidential terms;
  • In images caught, fleetingly and dramatically, on brilliant LED screens,
  • In clear and memorable graphic panels, representing the context of the times;
  • And in the cast impressions on the surfaces of artifacts, documents, and ephemera that once shared this space.
Kelly/Maiello Model – City photo
The families of the presidents, their political associates in the new government, their servants, and their enslaved people all come back vividly to life.
Kelly/Maiello Team Members

Kelly/Maiello, Architects & Planners
Architecture and Project Design Administration

Daniel J. Keating Co.
Project Team Contractor & Construction

American History Workshop
Interpretive Planning and History

Professors James O. Horton, Gary Nash, and Julie Winch

Davis Giovinazzo Construction Co.

Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson
Exhibit Design

Magian Design Studio
Exhibit Sound Design

Maltbie Inc.
Exhibit Fabrication

Synterra Ltd.
Landscape Design

Bittenbender Construction Co.
Site Preparation

Larry C. McCrae, Inc.
Electrical Lighting

Grenald Waldron Associates
Lighting Design

John Milner Associates

Keast & Hood Co.
Structural Engineering

Progressive Engineering Group
Civil Engineering

Additional Team Members to be Added

This photograph shows the south side of the 500 block of Market Street in 1949. The surviving eastern wall of the President's House is at center. The "ghost" of the President's House is outlined in red. From the Evening Bulletin Newspaper Collection, Urban Archives, Temple University.  Overlay: Edward Lawler Jr. Mantelpiece from the President's House. In the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Collection, Atwater Kent Museum. Photo by Jack E. Boucher, ca. 1965. Historic American Buildings Survey, no. PA-1942. "Washington's Residence, High Street." Lithograph by William L. Breton. From John Fanning Watson's Annals of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, 1830)