A new dataset of Housing Production for Fiscal Years 2013 – 2016 (FY13-FY16) released by the Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is now available on OpenDataPhillly.org.


Newly Released Data at a Glance

DHCD provides funding to developers building or renovating affordable homes for sale or rent. DHCD requires some of these homes to serve residents with disabilities. DHCD’s Housing Production FY13-FY16 dataset shows the number of accessible units by development added to the housing stock, with metadata available here.

The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Center (PCDC) nominated housing data for the 2017 OpenDataVote contest and won second place. PCDC looks to use City data to advocate for fair housing for the immigrant and Limited English Proficient population in Philadelphia.

PCDC requested data in the 2016 Assessment of Fair Housing, produced by the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. DHCD has begun preparing several datasets for release, and the Housing Production data – a downloadable dataset – is the first to be released. You can also explore a map of these accessible housing developments.



Accessible Housing

For a person in a wheelchair, accessible kitchens, bathrooms and other features in the home can make independent living easier. Visitability design features, like at least one no-step entrance and wider doors, allow people with disabilities to more easily visit family and friends.

Philadelphia requires all City-funded new construction of housing to meet accessibility standards. Ten percent of new units – double the federal minimum – must be accessible to persons with a physical disability. Four percent must be accessible to persons with a vision or hearing disability. All new construction units must be visitable, except in rare instances.

DHCD-funded developments added 189 accessible units, 60 units for people with hearing or vision disabilities and 876 visitable units to the City’s housing stock between FY13 and FY16. The Housing Production dataset shows the location, number of units, and type of accessibility provided.


*Cover photo: A wheelchair accessible ramp in a housing development in Philadelphia. Photo by Tiger Productions, courtesy of the Division of Housing and Community Development.


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