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Redevelopment Authority

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Agency Function
The Authority's function is to arrange for the elimination of blighted areas which are beyond the control of normal regulatory processes by acquiring such properties through the power of eminent domain granted it, planning redevelopment projects for them in conjunction with private firms, and aiding in financing them through the issuance of its own bonds.

Agency History
Created as a corporate body in 1945 under the provisions of the several Acts of May 24 of that year and directed by a five-member board appointed by the Mayor.

Archival Records
161.1 Publications and Reports (1949 - 1970, 1978)

161.2 Annual Reports (1946-1955, 1957-1983)

161.3 Developers' Redevelopment Proposals (1951-1966)

161.4 Redevelopment Proposals (1949-1976)

161.5 Market Street East Urban Renewal Area. Reports and Correspondence

Current Records

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