This is supervisory airport maintenance work directing and coordinating, through subordinate supervisors, crews of semi-skilled and unskilled workers and equipment operators engaged in performing maintenance and grounds care of all external areas at the City's International Airport.  Employees in this class are responsible for supervising and coordinating the maintenance and repair of the airport's airfields, runways, roadways, taxiways, ramps and grounds including the removal of ice and snow from same.  Work involves some disagreeable aspects. 

            Work is performed under the direction of an Airport Pavements and Grounds Superintendent.


ALLOCATING FACTORS:  (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


•           The position must be responsible for supervising subordinate labor crew sub-chiefs, semi-skilled and unskilled workers, and equipment operators in maintenance, snow removal and repair of external areas of the Philadelphia International Airport. 

•           The position must report directly to an Airport Pavements and Grounds Superintendent.




            Makes daily inspection tours of airport runways, taxiways, grounds and ramps for hazards, such as improperly working lights, broken paving, high grass, debris, ice and snow; arranges for runways to be closed during maintenance and repair activities; supervises the erection of barricades used to close off runways and ramps for repairs. 

            Supervises maintenance and repair activities of assigned external areas of the City's International Airport; receives work assignments from the airport's job control unit and from the incumbent's supervisor; ensures work is completed in order of priority and criticality; tours and inspects work in progress to ensure proper performance and completion; supervises the proper maintenance of airfield runways, roadways, taxiways, ramps, and surrounding grounds areas; points out problems and discrepancies in the work and provides instruction on resolutions; notifies superior of any unusual or critical situations; initiates disciplinary action against subordinates, as necessary.

            Orients new employees on the basic operational procedures and processes of the unit; instructs employees on the operations of the airport's equipment and trains employees in vehicle driving and operating techniques; assigns new employees to work with an experienced employee for on-the-job training; conducts safety seminars on a monthly basis for subordinate staff members to update and reinforce safety procedures and techniques; monitors subordinates training, ensuring continual progression in the quality of their work performance; may re-train employees, as needed.

            Keeps current on FAA regulations pertaining to the maintenance and repair of the airport's external areas; ensures subordinates are aware of pertinent FAA regulations; coordinates maintenance, repair and snow removal activities with the Control Tower as necessary; ensures adherence to FAA regulations during maintenance and repair work; maintains licensure requirements required for vehicles used under their supervision; ensures maintenance and grounds work conforms to the provisions of the Federal Wetlands Act and the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations; participates in training sessions concerning airport oversight and control legislation.

            Supervises and coordinates crews dispatched to plow, de-ice and sand runways, taxi-ways, ramps, and other areas throughout the airport during snow and ice emergencies; assigns and supervises crews to shovel, plow and/or salt/de-ice airport sidewalks and driveways; maintains constant radio contact with subordinates during emergencies and dispatches orders to send them to other areas; insures crews respond as participants in alerts, warnings and readiness training.

            Supervises subordinates in supporting the containment of hazardous materials, such as fuel spills; supervises the barricading of such areas and the transport of needed equipment. 

            Performs various administrative work for the section; serves in the role as the Airport's fuel coordinator with the Office of Fleet Management; maintains manual and computerized records on time cards, employees' attendance, overtime worked, job scheduling and sick time used; completes manual and computerized daily work reports describing the work activity performed by subordinate crews.

            Frequently performs actual maintenance work in critical situations.

            Tours airport grounds to observe grass areas in need of cutting; supervises and assists workers in the cutting of grass around airport buildings, roadways, runways, taxiways and ramps; orders special mowing in critical areas or where grass grows more quickly; supervises and participates in tree removal and trimming maintenance.

            Supervises crews performing paving repairs on runways, taxiways and ramps; assigns crews to collect and dispose of refuse.

            Assigns custodial workers to perform cleaning tasks and assigns trades workers to perform building maintenance activities at a secondary municipal airport.

            Schedules automotive vehicles and related equipment for maintenance and repairs, such as oil changing and lubricating, replacing damaged or worn out parts and making other minor or major repairs; assigns automotive mechanics to perform maintenance and repair work; inspects vehicles and equipment to determine if work has been performed in accordance with instructions.

            Performs related work as required.





·                     the practices, methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of airport and grounds

·                     the operation and uses of snow removal and grass cutting equipment and tools

·                     the occupational hazards and safety precautions used in airport maintenance work

·                     supervisory principles and practices




·                     the care and use of tools and equipment employed in grounds and field maintenance programs




·                     plan and supervise the work of skilled and semi-skilled workers, equipment operators, and unskilled workers engaged in airport pavement and grounds care

·                     learn the methods and techniques of runway and taxiway repairs and maintenance

·                     understand and follow oral and written instructions


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 3/14.)




            Equivalent to completion of the twelfth school grade.








Six years of experience in semiskilled and manual work in general laboring operations performing Airport pavement and grounds maintenance work such as runway repairs, grass cutting or snow removal activities, or operating single chassis automotive equipment or heavy duty vehicles at the Airport. 





Four years of experience in general laboring operations performing Airport pavement and grounds maintenance work such as runway repairs, grass cutting or snow removal activities.






Two years of experience supervising semiskilled laborers performing Airport pavement and grounds maintenance work such as runway repairs, grass cutting or snow removal activities.




Semi-skilled Laborer (General) (7A03)

Equipment Operator 1 (7C11)

Labor Crew Sub Chief (7A05)




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




            Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of employment as an Airport Pavements and Grounds Group Leader.           

            Must be able to pass and maintain SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) and AOA (Airfield Operations Area) clearance during tenure of employment.    


                           Class Established 1/53

 Spec. Revisions:

                                                             CSC – 11/95

Ad. Board – 12/95


CSC – 2/00

Ad. Board – 4/00


CSC – 04/06

Ad Board – 06/06


Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 2/14

Ad. Board – 3/14