(Urban Design)

(Environmental Planning)

(Transportation Planning)





            This is management level city planning work in the area of specialization.  Employees in this class direct, through subordinate supervisors, the work of a major division of the City’s central planning agency or the environmental planning programs for a major department and are responsible for planning, developing or implementing divisional planning policies and projects.  Employees perform work in the Planning, Environmental Planning, Urban Design, Transportation Planning or Airport specialty and manage the activities of lower level employees in the area of specialization.  Interacting with other agencies, community and business groups and individuals is a significant aspect of the work. Work is performed under the general direction of an administrative superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be

allocated to this class).


1.      Employees must perform management level city planning work, directing through subordinate supervisors the work of a major division of the City’s central planning agency or an environmental or transportation planning program for the Water or Streets Departments or Airport.

2.      Three positions will be allocated to the Planning Specialty in the City Planning Commission.

3.      Two positions will be allocated to the Environmental Planning specialty for both the Department of Planning and Development and the Water Department.

4.      Only one position will be allocated to the Urban Design Specialty.

5.      Employees in the Planning and Urban Design specialties must perform the work for the City Planning Commission.

6.      Only one position will be allocated to the Transportation Planning specialty in the Streets Department.

7.      Two positions will be allocated to the Airport specialty in the Department of Commerce Division of Aviation.






            Prepares work programs and assigns duties to subordinate supervisors; prepares performance reports for subordinate staff; reviews proposed methodology, preliminary plans and drafts of study findings; prepares and edits reports for publication and/or internal use.

            Attends regular meetings of top agency managers for coordination, collaboration and information- sharing; attends commission meetings and various other inter-agency meetings of City managers regarding government policies and practices; serves as member of various technical committees; meets with other planners, groups, and the public to discuss work of the commission; gives planning presentations at board meetings, public meetings and during meetings of interagency work groups or task forces.

            Interfaces with elected officials and the press as directed by the Executive Director or Commissioner; gives formal testimony at City Council, as needed.

            Holds staff meetings; arranges for professional development activities and for supplies and reimbursement.

            Performs related work as required.




City Planning Commission Positions


All Assignments


            Participates in agency management meetings; serves as a member of top management team involved in decision-making and formulation of agency positions; prepares work program for staff unit in collaboration with other agency managers.

            Directs the maintenance of the City’s comprehensive plan; manages the preparation of community, neighborhood, and district plans and detailed plans for special projects; develops goals for projects; implements projects recommended in plans through subordinate supervisors; discusses and reviews proposed plans; manages the community-based planning processes.

            Maintains working relationship with civic associations and community groups; develops community relations initiatives and leads community outreach strategies; manages the preparation of blight certification and redevelopment reports; reviews plans including redevelopment projects and urban renewal plans; gives oral presentations of projects and recommendations at monthly Commission meeting and other events; manages the preparation of grant applications and grant-funded studies performed by consultants; meets with staff of related agencies and organizations; participates in special program budget and annual Capital Program Process and meets with other departments to determine project funding priorities.

            Reviews Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data or that of subordinate city planners and/or GIS Specialists working on specific city planning projects.


Community and Strategic Planning Assignment


            Directs the preparation of comprehensive, community, neighborhood, and district plans and generalized area plans; directs staff in research projects and data collection relating to land use planning, community facilities, transportation, economic development, and related areas.

            Directs the preparation and review of redevelopment area plans and urban renewal plans and expedites the flow of plans;

            Represents the department at meetings or discussions with community groups, civic associations, or community or business leaders; directs the interpretation of planning policy to community groups; develops strategies and methods for effective community participation in the planning process.     Manages the preparation of overall plans for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development of undeveloped areas of the City and the detailed design of specific subdivision sites; manages redevelopment and urban renewal projects and reviews plans; holds meetings with builders to explain the provisions of the subdivision code, the overall plan for the area, and reviews their plans; develops and presents detailed site plans if required.


Development Planning and Zoning Assignment


            Develops, through subordinate supervisors, studies of current and proposed zoning planning activities; reviews proposed councilmanic ordinances and zoning board cases for consistency with existing and planned development; determines methodology for and directs comprehensive zoning remapping projects; prepares recommendations for revision to the city zoning and planning code.

            Directs the preparation and processing of changes to the official city plan, proposed subdivision plans and proposed sale or purchase of city real estate.

            Explains subordinate supervisors' recommendations to administrative, legislative bodies, and civic organizations.




            Directs the preparation of site and building controls and design guidelines for specific development parcels, development projects and special districts; reviews building designs, site plans, streetscapes and landscapes for conformance with zoning controls, development controls and design guidelines; reviews designs for public spaces including consideration of such factors as pedestrian usage, landscape standards, lighting, adjoining land uses, transportation linkages and access, signage and public art.

            Directs the preparation of prospectuses and requests for proposals for individual development sites; supervises the preparation of redevelopment strategies for neighborhoods and specific development districts including preparation of recommendations on land and other uses; directs the work of planning commission staff in the development of standards, controls, and guidelines for the design and development of public spaces such as streets, pedestrian spaces, plazas, transit access spaces, and other civic and public spaces; coordinates with developers, special interest groups, community groups and other City departments and agencies in this work.

            Manages staff participation in the Civic Design Review process. 




City Planning Commission Position


Plans, assigns, coordinates, reviews and supervises the work of a group of subordinate staff which may consist of city planners, engineers, biologists, geologists, GIS technicians, and contractors involved in conducting environmental planning studies and public outreach and education efforts.

            Directs the planning, design, and development of environmental projects; evaluates environmental impact on large scale developments; monitors project performance to ensure that projects are meeting design expectations, regulatory requirements and stakeholder goals; creates, maintains and implements management plans; prepares status summaries of program development; develops presentations highlighting program accomplishments; participates in ongoing neighborhood and project planning activities to ensure that  programs and priorities are incorporated into efforts and supported by many partners.

            Directs the data analysis design, identification of project locations, site features and potential impact on the environment and city infrastructure system; reviews proposed plans and existing conditions; makes recommendations for modifications, reviews applicable federal, state and local regulations, legislation and ordinances; prepares plan studies and reports detailing findings.

            Determines budget needs to fulfill program objectives, oversees the identification of grant funding opportunities from Federal, State, and private sources, fulfills grant-reporting requirements; manages contracts to fulfill program objectives.

            Directs education and outreach efforts, including workshops and conferences; makes presentations, develops educational and marketing materials; creates and maintaining a robust web interface.


Water Department Positions


Plans, assigns, coordinates, reviews, and supervises the work of staff involved in conducting environmental planning initiatives.

Plans, designs and develops environmental projects to institutionalize the use of storm water green infrastructure practices in the city; directs the preparation of comprehensive stormwater plans by stormwater district planners; coordinates capital improvement plans with Planning & Research Unit, works with the Design Unit to move projects from planning-level concepts to fully engineered projects; and prepares Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMPs).

Ensures compliance with the provisions of City, State, Federal and environmental rules, regulations and guidelines; establishes long- and short-range program goals and objectives; prepares program status summaries; develops presentations of program accomplishments; directs annual reporting of sewer permits and related data management; directs management of professional services contracts to achieve departmental compliance initiatives.


Sanitation Planner Assignment – Streets Department


            Prepares the City’s Act 101 Municipal Waste Management Plan in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Guidelines; assures compliance with State laws and regulations concerning sanitation collections; responds to and arranges for mitigation actions when violation notices are issued; establishes and monitors program goals and performance; submits annual reports and maintenance of the City’s bond requirements for the operating permit

            Guides the implementation and marketing of the Citywide Single-Stream Recycling Program; manages the recycling processing contract, approves grant applications.

            Oversees and coordinates the educational and operational program elements and advertising components of the Hazardous Waste Management Program; coordinates clean up policy and procedures with the HAZMAT Unit and Licenses & Inspections




            Manages planning and engineering staff responsible for the planning and design of the Streets Department’s ramp and paving program; serves as an assistant to the Transportation Planning & Analysis Manager to identify projects needs for the Streets Department Transportation Division and match with available funding; works with division heads to establish priority projects.

            Negotiates with external agencies to align City priorities and strategic goals with Regional Transportation Plan and ensure that the allocated program of federal aid projects is maximized; works with division heads to allocate and expend the city capital program budget for transportation projects; works with division heads and administrative officers for the operating budget, needs and expenditures; interacts with the community, nonprofit groups, other city departments and third parties to advise on positioning to obtain and efficiently allocate federal funds.

            Manages consultant and highway construction contracts and budget balances; provides direct oversight of the bidding of all public works contracts led by the Streets Department.

            Coordinates with divisional managers to coordinate tracking to assist strategic planning efforts for the Transportation Division; oversees identification of grant fund opportunities from Federal, State and other sources, providing required grant applications and reporting; monitors flow of funds and grant reimbursements for division heads; directs staff researching strategic planning of Transportation asset needs to achieve effective programming that aligns the Streets Department’s mission, capital program, and other available funding sources.

Oversees the development of asset management programs including inventory funding, asset management and community involvement for critical infrastructure such as bridges, pavement conditions, ADA ramps, traffic signals, and street lighting systems; maintains data systems and reporting within the Streets Department and to other City departments.

Manages staff who oversee environmental clearance submissions and compliance.

Provides direct oversight of the bidding of all public works contracts.

Performs snow related responsibilities including the administration of standard operating procedures and seasonal pre-planning; implements consultant recommendations and best practices for snow removal to improve operational efficiencies.

Provides ad hoc reporting and develops plans for Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.




            Manages through a subordinate supervisor the development of feasibility and environmental studies, and and preparation, review and approval of designs, specifications and cost estimates; ensures compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations as they relate to airport sustainability. 

            Manages through a subordinate supervisor departmental staff and consultant architects, engineers, and planners; reviews recommendations and proposals by subordinates and consultants; determines methods and procedures for study; develops guidelines and establishes priorities for unit staff; reviews work for adherence to planning standards; reviews and provides input to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data or that of subordinate city planners and/or GIS staff working on city planning projects;     Manages requests for the construction and/or renovation of Airport facilities; meets with requesting officials to determine functional and spatial requirements; reviews design concepts and bids/requests; reviews preliminary and final designs, specifications and cost estimates; coordinates Airport management engagement in planning projects.

            Manages staff in the development of comprehensive plans and programs for the utilization of the land, and development of physical space at Airport; engages Airport stakeholders in developing planning strategies to increase airfield capacity as well as improve and expand existing airport facilities.








·         best practices of managing teams of supervisory staff

·         the scope and objectives of city planning for a large metropolitan area

·         physical, social and economic structures of the city

·         city planning problems as they apply to the area of specialization

·         the techniques and practices of planning research

·         the techniques and practices of project planning

·         the techniques and practices of planning analysis

·         geospatial analysis as a planning tool

·         the application and interpretation of standard statistical measures

·         the principles and practices of comprehensive city planning

·         the principles and economic research methodologies

·         the methods, practices and objectives of zoning if required by assignment

·         municipal, state and federal capital budgeting and programming pertaining to city planning if required by assignment

·         legal concepts of legislation basic to planning

·         the organization and function of municipal and other agencies active in the field of planning

·         the principles, practices, and methods used in geospatial analysis



·         the principles and methodology of environmental planning

·         environmental assessment methods

·         environmental law and the sources of information concerning environmental impact

·         principles of environmental planning

·         federal and state regulations for compliance with environmental permits and contracts  


·         the principles and methodologies of community, neighborhood, and district planning

·         the concepts and techniques of community relations and community outreach related to the planning process

·         strategies for civic engagement in the processes of redevelopment and urban renewal


·         the principles and practices of urban design

·         zoning, site planning, architecture, land use and transportation planning, infrastructure planning and development, landscape and streetscape design, real estate economics and development financing, and signage and graphic design


·         the principles and practices of transportation planning

·         the federal and state grant process for transportation projects

·         the public works bidding process



·         airport and aviation planning and design principles and standards

·         federal aviation laws and regulations relating to Airport planning and development




·         Microsoft Office Suite

·         ArcGIS Product Suite

·         Adobe Creative Suite

·         SketchUp and/or three-dimensional visualization software programs




·         organize, assign, and direct the work of subordinate supervisory staff and subordinates

·         analyze complex city planning problems and reach sound conclusions

·         formulate original plans and/or written reports presenting solutions to planning problems which are in accordance with accepted planning principles

·         present ideas effectively in oral, written, or graphic form

·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, civic, community and business groups, and the general public


·         determine areas of the environment affected by specific urban development projects

·         understand infrastructure design and make recommendations regarding effective implementation of environmental planning projects

·         represent the department in reporting on regulatory deliverables


·         manage the preparation of plans and blight reports for districts and neighborhoods

·         review plans and proposals

·         make recommendations regarding the implementation, development and disposition of planning projects

·         implement and manage strategies for effective civic engagement in the planning process

·         build partnerships with community groups and stakeholders

·         collaborate with GIS Manager to oversee and direct the activities of subordinate GIS specialists/analysts, professional and technical staff on a project basis

MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 4/17.)






            Completion of a bachelor's degree in engineering, applied science or urban & regional planning at an accredited college or university including or supplemented by coursework in environmental science or ecology.





            Five years of technical environmental city planning experience.





            Two years of supervisory environmental city planning experience.





            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university with major coursework in city or regional planning or a related field




             Five years of technical city planning experience.





            Two years of supervisory city planning work.






            Five years of geographic information systems work.





            Two years of specialized geographic information systems work at the project management level, directing Geographic Information System (GIS) activities of a group of subordinate GIS specialists/analysts and technicians engaged in city planning projects.






            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban design.





            Five years of technical city planning experience in architectural design, urban design, streetscape design, site planning, or public open space design.





            Two years of supervisory city planning work in architectural design, urban design, streetscape design, site planning, or public open space design.






            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university with major coursework in city, regional, community planning or a related field.





            Five years of technical city planning experience.





            Two years of supervisory transportation city planning experience.






            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university with major coursework in City or Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, Transportation Planning, Aviation Planning or a closely related field.




Five years of technical planning experience.





            Two years of supervisory environmental airport planning experience or three years’ airport planning experience at the advanced performance level as a project manager with responsibility for directing and coordinating the activities of consultant planners responsible for planning and implementing sustainability and environmental impact studies.




            Two years of supervisory transportation planning experience for an airport or other major transportation terminal with responsibility for directing staff responsible for planning and implementing the design or development of capital projects.




            Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included completion of a bachelor's degree as an educational minimum and the specific experience described above.


NOTE:  Completion of Master's degree in a field determined to be appropriate to the area of specialization will be considered equivalent to two years of the general experience requirement.




City Planner Supervisor (3E05)

Geographic Information Systems Specialist 3 (3E22) for the Planning Specialty only

Airport Planner (3E16) for the Airport specialty only


NOTE: Selective Factor Certification may be utilized, as needed, to fill specific positions.

In accordance with Civil Service Regulation 11.032 - Selective Factor Certification – the appointing authority may request certification of eligible candidates with the specified training and/or experience to fill specific positions in this class. Certification to fill such position will be made from the two highest ranking eligible candidates on the eligible list who possess the specified qualification.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


Class Established 4/60

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