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This is technical public human resources work providing leadership in one of the human resources disciplines in the central human resources or labor relations agency. Supervisory positions have responsibility for provision of human resources services in the area of specialization, assigning, prioritizing and reviewing the work of a staff of subordinate analysts. An employee in the Administrative Services specialty supervises a staff of clerical and administrative employees. Employees train, guide and develop subordinates in the performance of work in order to ensure technical competence and adherence to established personnel policies, procedures, practices and standards.  Technical Specialist positions have responsibility for developing and enhancing the organization's expertise, monitoring quality, and ensuring that practices in their area of specialization are consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, human resource best practices, and the City's strategic vision for human resources. Work includes serving as an internal consultant, providing technical assistance and support to colleagues through technical training and communication, and ensuring consistency and equity in both policy and practice. Work includes eliciting the human resources or labor relations needs of various City departments and agencies in the area of specialization and making the appropriate recommendations relating to identified needs. Contact with departmental and union officials and the public is a significant aspect of the work. Work is performed under the general direction of a technical superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)





All Specialties – Supervisory Positions


Supervises the work of a staff of subordinates; assigns and prioritizes subordinates' work in order to provide the most efficient and timely service to City departments and agencies; reviews subordinates' work to ensure technical competence and adherence to personnel policies, procedures, practices and standards; maintains the quantity and quality of work output; recommends to a superior changes in procedures, practices and standards to improve staff performance and service to City departments and agencies; receives and answers calls from the general public requesting information concerning personnel policies, procedures, practices and standards; participates in work of the area of specialization; performs occasional assignments in other human resources functions.


All Specialties – Technical Specialist Positions


Develops and participates in technical classroom training; researches and analyzes related legislation; prepares analytical reports on the impact of legislation and regulations on the City; writes regulations and procedures; conducts research into various issues; presents reports to managers; proposes revisions to policies and procedures; prepares cost analysis; provides information to management for use in collective bargaining process; may supervise analytical staff on a project basis.


All Positions


Performs related work as required.


Administrative Services Specialty


Supervises clerical staff processing and recording human resources transactions, such as certification of eligible candidates, appointments, terminations, salary changes, and performance evaluations; reviews processes and develops revisions to improve quality and reduce time required to complete transactions; confers with representatives of operating departments to coordinate activities and to eliminate redundant functions; provides direction and policy guidance to employees of operating departments.

Supervises analytical and clerical staff providing administrative and technical support to the director and the department; performs other central staff agency personnel functions of a non-recurring nature requiring the application of technical knowledge to problems.


Benefits Specialty

            Serves as the principal technical expert providing data analysis and advice for senior management; provides financial and data analysis and identifies trends for all benefit plans assigned including the city administered plan and plans administered by the unions; tracks and monitors monthly claims spending for all benefit plans assigned; ensures timely payments to vendors; documents and reconciles balances of funding documents; develops and revises budget models; reconciles budget variances and initiates corrective action.           

Provides tracking and compiles reports on all city employees for federal reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act and other relevant local, state or federal legislation; carries out other mandated benefits filings and reporting including the Medicare Retiree Drug Subsidy and COBRA; keeps current with industry trends, legislative changes and other pertinent information on all benefits plans assigned.


Compensation Specialty


Develops compensation strategies and initiatives; develops recommendations for the improvement of the City's pay evaluation systems and analyzes their impact and effectiveness; directs internal evaluations of pay rates for Civil Service classifications; leads and participates in evaluations as a member of pay evaluation committees; conducts and participates in salary surveys; analyzes market data; recommends pay rates for City classes that are internally consistent and externally competitive; prepares reports based on evaluation and market analysis; develops and implements alternative rewards strategies; determines FLSA overtime status; directs FLSA compliance for the City; discusses proposed changes in compensation program with union representatives; trains other analysts in evaluation and market pricing.

Conducts classification surveys; prepares reports and documents findings; revises and develops class specifications; develops and revises formats for job descriptions and classification reports; serves as lead analyst for larger classification projects; discusses proposed changes with union representatives.

Develops targeted recruitment plans to meet the City's short and long-term hiring requirements and succession planning needs; identifies sources of prospective candidates; develops strategies to contact prospective candidates; prepares information for posting on City internet site; revises internet content and format to enhance recruitment initiatives; develops recruitment literature and promotional material; contacts representatives of colleges, universities, trades schools, professional associations and other organizations to identify prospective candidates and to alert those candidates about employment opportunities with the City; conducts analyses of the City workforce to identify and anticipate recruitment needs.

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialty


Serves as assistant to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer; plans; conducts and arranges for training on a citywide basis.

Receives complaints of job discrimination based upon race, sex, age, religion, or ethnic status; counsels complainants; investigates discrimination complaints; prepares narrative reports, analyzing facts, and recommending either denials of appeals or remedial actions to be taken; communicates findings to departmental representatives and complainants; supplies information to the City's legal representatives in processing appeals; may give depositions for the Office of Human Resources Director for hearings and investigations conducted by external agencies.

Analyzes demographic data on the City's work force; determines relevant labor market composition and identifies occupational categories in need of affirmative action; recommends recruitment and promotional goals; prepares reports to state and federal agencies on statistical representation of protected groups in the City work force and affirmative action plans and progress; discusses employment practices with compliance agency representatives; participates in recruitment of protected group employees.


Hiring Services Specialty


Serves as principal assistant to a hiring team manager; supervises staff of analysts and support staff engaged in a variety of classification, examination and recruitment assignments.

Supervises subordinate analysts preparing written, performance, oral, training and experience and other examinations; monitors the progress and quality of examination development; reviews examinations to ensure completeness, correctness and adherence to City and professional examination policies, practices and standards; instructs subordinates to prepare and post public announcement of examinations; supervises the administration of examinations for large test holdings; reviews appeals of disapproved applications and recommends approval or disapproval of appeal; appears before the Civil Service Commission to testify on the validity and integrity of tests.

Supervises subordinate analysts conducting classification surveys and studies of individual positions by reviewing classification questionnaires, conducting field audits, preparing reports, and revising and developing class specifications; reviews subordinates' reports and new and revised class specifications; evaluates subordinate writing skill level, content and format of reports and specifications, and soundness of classification recommendations; approves or rejects subordinate classification and compensation recommendations;

Human Resources Systems Specialty


Develops strategies and initiatives for the utilization of specialized information systems essential to the human resources process, and assesses and makes recommendations about human resource informational needs; participates in the development of informational systems to support operations and process changes within the Office of Human Resources; provides consultation and expertise to hiring teams focused on assessment and other hiring services, and to other functional areas within the Office of Human Resources.


Labor Relations Specialty


Acts as main contact between the City and one or more municipal labor unions; reviews labor relations problems and disputes as requested by departments, city officials and labor unions; investigates and conducts grievance hearings; assists city attorneys in preparing cases, attends and testifies at arbitration hearings; works with departmental officials and union representatives to resolve disputes and reach settlements.

Consults with departmental managers or city officials with respect to contract interpretation, implementing labor relations policies, procedures, strategies and goals in conjunction with the collective bargaining agreement, and courses of action concerning disciplinary cases; provides mediation services between union and departments to resolve disputes; attends various labor/management committee meetings; performs special projects pertaining to the development of new policies and procedures impacting on labor / management issues.

Researches and prepares background information and studies on issues and demands for union-management contract negotiations; prepares presentations concerning wage and benefit practices and trends; attends and participates in negotiations with employee organizations; prepares regulations necessary to implement contract agreements; disseminates information to departmental and city officials regarding changes in personnel practices and procedures as a result of negotiation or arbitration.

Develops and administers training programs to departmental managers and staff concerning labor relations practices and legal and contractual requirements; updates training modules as needed and develops new ones to address specific departmental issues.


Training Specialty

Plans, implements and evaluates training and employee development programs focused on departmental and Citywide needs; assesses training needs; develops proposals for training initiatives; manages vendors; administers management development and specialized training programs; designs and implements analyses of departmental performance needs required for delivery of services and makes recommendations for training solutions; assesses performance outcomes of training and development programs and implements changes based on evaluation results.

Plans, organizes and coordinates the work of a small staff of training and clerical employees in developing and administering training and development programs for a variety of organizations and employees; coordinates the training program offerings of other central agency specialties; establishes and maintains administrative and record-keeping systems pertaining to scheduling, use of facilities, and training leave requests.






All Specialties



Benefits Specialty


·         Finance, specifically in self insured insurance programs


Compensation Specialty



Equal Employment Opportunity Specialty



Hiring Services Specialty



Labor Relations Specialty



Training Specialty








All Specialties



Benefits Specialty



Compensation Specialty


Labor Relations Specialty



MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 6/15).




Supervisory Positions: Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.


Technical Specialist Positions:


Benefits Specialty: Completion of a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Human Resources, Nursing or a related field.




Completion of a bachelor’s degree and certification by as a Certified Benefits Professional (CBP) by WorldatWork or as a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) by the International Foundation.


Compensation Specialty: Completion of a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in business administration or a related field.




Completion of a bachelor's degree and Certification as a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) by WorldatWork


Other Specialist Positions: Master’s degree in business administration, human resources, public personnel administration, public administration or a closely related field




Completion of a bachelor's degree and Certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the HR Certification Institute or certification as a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) by the Society for Human Resource Management.





All Specialties


Two years of experience in technical public human resources or labor relations work.





Two years of experience at the full performance level in:


Hiring Services Specialty - classification or examinations


Compensation Specialty - Compensation including internal evaluation and market pricing


Administrative Services Specialty - providing administrative personnel support services


Benefits Specialty – benefits analysis work


Labor Relations Specialty - a city-wide labor relations program.


Equal Employment Opportunity Specialty - the administration of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs


Human Resources Systems Specialty - management information system analyzing and adapting specialized human resources software applications to meet hiring process needs.


Training Specialty – planning, implementing, and evaluating citywide or departmental training and development programs; or administering such programs in a supervisory capacity in a central human resources agency.


All Specialties




Any equivalent combination of education or experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources, which has included a bachelor’s degree program and the specific experience above.


Preferred Credentials - A Master’s Degree in human resources, public personnel administration, public administration, business administration, or a closely related field (which may be substituted for two years of general experience or one year of specific experience).




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure if required by work assignment.


Class Established - 1/53

Spec. Revision: 10/90

CSC - 5/94; Ad Board - 8/94

CSC - 10/00; Ad. Board - 12/00

CSC – 2/07; Ad. Board - 4/07

Spec. Revision and Consolidation with 2H21:CSC – 10/09; Ad. Board - 11/09

Latest Spec. Revision: CSC – 6/15; Ad. Board – 6/15