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City of Philadelphia

Promoting Transparency

Open Data Forum

Members of the public and data users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on city data using our Open Data Forum.

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Questions about the City of Philadelphia's open data efforts can be directed to the Chief Data Officer

"Transparency is a cornerstone of good governance, and it is vital for the City to be open and available to our citizens."

Mayor Michael A. Nutter

In April of 2012, Mayor Nutter established a formal open data policy for the City of Philadelphia with Executive Order 1-12.

The resources listed here can be used to access open data from the City of Philadelphia, and describe the efforts we are undertaking to make more data available to the public.

Requesting Data from the City of Philadelphia

There are a number of ways that users can request data from the City of Philadelphia. Not all city data can be released through our standard open data release process, though we are working to release more and more data sets in this way.

  1. Nominate an open data set for release
    Visit or add a comment in the public open data forum

  2. Request Geospatial Data
    Submit a request via e-mail  

  3. Other Requests
    Submit a Right to Know Request

Open Data Pipeline

To ensure that citizens and data users are aware of the open data sets scheduled for release by the City of Philadelphia, a public Trello board listing the current schedule for data releases is available for review.

Open Data Catalog

The City of Philadelphia lists open data sets and other data resources available to the public on

This site is an open source project developed by local software firm Azavea, supported by the Philadelphia data community and maintained by AxisPhilly.

Open Government Plan

Version 1.0 of the City of Philadelphia Open Government Plan is available both as a Google Document and on GitHub.


The Open Data Guidebook is a document designed to assist City departments (and other government entities) in identifying, reviewing, releasing and maintaining open data sets.