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Office of Innovation & Technology
1234 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107


Backup and Recovery

Establishing and executing backup and recovery procedures for the ERP applications system.

Data Backup

Establishing and execution of backup and recovery procedures.

Department Support

Supporting departments in: L&I, Police, Revenue, Fleet, OPA, Finance, DHS, Pensions, Registry of Wills.

Document Imaging Support

Supporting imaged document stores, retrieval, and archiving, and providing for internal and external public access to digital versions of documents.

Enterprise ePay Gateway Service

Provide on-line payment processing features to agency web applications, assist in e-Commerce web applications, maintain ePay Gateway and Account Lookup portals.

ERP Performance

Monitoring and adjusting the ERP applications performance.

Financial Application Support

Maintain and enhance the core financial applications that run systems such as payroll and procurement.

Mainframe Technical Support

Supporting all mainframe systems and functions including database storage services and disaster recovery planning.

Middleware Support

Supporting the middleware products to exchange and share large amounts of structured and unstructured information between departments, as well as with external partners.

OIT Central Data Center

A 24x7 high availability, redundant, and secure environment, hosting s a broad range of systems and applications on multiple platforms.


Monitoring systems and the data center environment, report logging, production services, and problem coordination and resolution. 

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring and adjusting database performance.

Production Control Services & Data Center Operations

Managing and scheduling of  IT production batch job input and execution, smooth production process flow, output examination and distribution, printing, and assisting City departments..

Secure Environment

Providing a stable and secure database environment for customers.

Software Support

Supporting software by: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase, Oracle E-Business, ADABASE/NATURAL, DB2.