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City of Philadelphia

IT Governance


Implement, advance and maintain effective communication systems that inform and engage internal and external stakeholders, and which are reciprocal, responsive, efficient, and accurate.

Compliance Review

Performs architecture compliance reviews to determine the compliance of a specific project against the established architecture and business objectives.

Contract Processing

Contract processing for all professional services contracts, and various procurement related contracts for consolidated departments.

Create Architecture

Create and review business, data, application, and technology architectures, including current and future state architectures and road maps.

Design Guidance

Provide guidance to project teams for designing business processes, information/data models, applications, and infrastructure.

Human Resources

Administer OIT HR services, including recruiting, staffing, employee/labor relations, employee engagement, employee benefits, workforce development, classification and compensation, performance management, employee discipline, and training.


Monitor, review and assess for potential organizational impacts all legislation introduced at the City, State and federal level.

Network and Perimeter Security

Our network and perimeter security systems monitor and protect the City's Information Assets from threats and malicious activity.

Policy, Planning, and Performance Improvement

Implementing key performance improvement projects, the development of implementation plans, and the creation of supporting policies. Responsible for the development and implementation of organizational systems and methods to improve the measuring, monitoring and evaluating of results aligned to the Office’s strategic vision.


In collaboration with City stakeholders, OIT will develop, adopt, and promote standards across technology domains including database schemas, web design, application development, spatial technology, etc. Key standards are reinforced by OIT in contracting, procurement and project approval processes.