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City of Philadelphia

For Employees

“The assistance I received from Citizens Bank combined with the matching funds from the Home-Buy-Now program freed up some of our own funds, so that my wife and I could make some improvements before we moved into our first home in Philadelphia.”

LANCE CASH, SR. Citizens Bank

Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now provides holistic assistance with the home buying process:
  • Navigating Financial Assistance Options:
    By leveraging your employer’s contribution with a dollar-for-dollar matching grant, Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now can help supplement your savings so you no longer have to put off the dream of homeownership.
  • Establishing Comprehensive Home buying and Homeownership Education:
    Buying and owning a home is complicated. Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now can help connect you with workshops and one-on-one pre-purchasing counselors who will give you practical advice about how to manage your biggest investment.

How Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now Works:
  • Step 1: Find out if your organization participates in Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now by offering employees at your organization financial assistance toward the purchase of a home in Philadelphia. If your company is a participant, contact your supervisor or Human Resources department to learn more about your benefit package and fill out the Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now application. Send the completed application to Jojy Varghese at If your company does not yet participate in Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now, tell them to call 215-851-1738 or email to sign up today!
  • Step 2: Check out the list of benefits available through Home.Buy.Now, from housing workshops, discounted related housing services, linkages to other housing programs and access to housing counselors. These can save you even more money!
  • Step 3: Find a house in Philadelphia and take advantage of the Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now benefit!