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City of Philadelphia

Victim Services

Children Testifying in Court

Is your child testifying in court?


The Victim/Witness Services Unit strives to help victims and witnesses understand their rights under the law, exercise these rights, and receive compassionate and respectful treatment.


It is the policy of the District Attorney's Office to actively discourage the intimidation of victims and witnesses through the use of appropriately restrictive bail conditions, criminal contempt, and additional criminal charges.

Victims of Domestic, Sexual and Child Abuse

Help for those who are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse committed by an adult.

Victims of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is the abuse or exploitation of a person age 60 or older by family members or caregivers, which may include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and/or financial exploitation.

Preparing for and Going To Court

Frequently asked questions regarding going to Court.