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City of Philadelphia

Youth Aid Panel Program

What is the Youth Aid Panel Program?
The Youth Aid Panel is a Juvenile Diversion Program to give first time juvenile criminal offenders the option of appearing before a panel of community volunteers, rather than entering the juvenile court system. A juvenile who completes the contractual obligations imposed by the panel will avoid the stigma and possible adverse effects of a criminal record. Juveniles who fail to complete their obligations are referred to court for criminal prosecution.

Unlike traditional methods of intervention in which the courts assume the decision-making process, the Panel involves the juvenile’s family and the victim in the process. This approach is critical to the rehabilitation goals which underlie the program. The key element of this diversion program is to make the juvenile understand the seriousness of their actions and the effect that the crime has on them, their family, the victim and their community at large.

In addition, the Youth Aid Panel is a program designed to offer juveniles programming, safety measures, counseling and more; which will help them be successful in the future.

The Program Coordinator for the Youth Aid Panel program is Faith Harris, 215-686-7620,