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City of Philadelphia


The Trial Division is made up of six Bureaus and four Units. It is supervised by Interim First Assistant Carolyn Engel Temin, 215-686-8705,

Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit

These experienced and specially trained Assistant District Attorneys prosecute intrafamilial violence, sexual assaults, crimes against children, human trafficking, and violations of Pennsylvania's sex offender registration law. 

The Supervisor of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit is Branwen McNabb, 215-686-8080,

Homicide Unit

Some of the most experienced Assistant District Attorneys in the Office are assigned to vertically prosecute each case of murder, manslaughter, or vehicular homicide. 

The Supervisor of the Homicide Unit is Anthony Voci, 215-686-8040,

Municipal Court Unit

The Assistant District Attorneys who are in the Municipal Court Unit prosecute most of the Office’s misdemeanor trials and felony preliminary hearings in the Criminal Division of Municipal Court. The Unit does not prosecute cases that are being vertically prosecuted by one of the geographic Bureaus, preliminary hearings in Homicide and sexual assault cases, or crimes against children. 

The Supervisor of the Municipal Court Unit is Deborah Watson-Stokes,  215-686-8056,

Victims Services Unit

Victim advocates help victims and witnesses understand the law and the criminal and juvenile justice systems. They also are available to help those in the justice system exercise their rights and receive compassionate and respectful treatment. More information is available at our Victim Services page. 

The Supervisor of the Victims Services Unit is Courtney Knoedler, 215-686-8072,