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City of Philadelphia


The Pretrial Division is made up of four Units and is supervised by Liam Riley, 215-686-9610,

Charging Unit

Staffed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days a year, the Assistant District Attorneys in our Charging Unit promptly review every criminal arrest submitted by the Philadelphia Police Department to determine if sufficient evidence exists to properly charge, and with what crimes, an offender. Staffed with only experienced trial Assistant District Attorneys, the Unit works in close collaboration with the Philadelphia Police Department to ensure all investigative steps are taken and all information on which we are basing our decisions is accurate and fully explored. In addition to live arrests, the Charging Unit reviews and approves or declines all arrest warrants and search warrants and staff Arraignment Court and initial Bail Hearings. We supervise the Indicting Grand Jury, give offers to resolve cases at their earliest stages and review the propriety of pretrial detentions in our Early Bail Review Court.

The Supervisor of the Charging Unit is Lyandra Retacco, 215-683-7604,

Pretrial Unit

The Pretrial Unit is responsible for handling Motions Court, Extraditions, Formal Arraignment Court, and the SMART (Pretrial Status) Rooms. All expungement petitions, legal appeals from the municipal court, bail and Nebbia hearings and fugitive of justice cases are prepared any prosecuted by the Assistant District Attorneys and paralegals assigned to Motions Court. These individuals work closely with staff assigned to extraditions, who work with outside jurisdictions to bring fugitives back to Philadelphia and to return fugitives captured in Philadelphia back to outside jurisdictions. Formal Arraignment Court and the SMART Rooms work together to prepare all felony criminal cases in Philadelphia. This includes generating the bills of information, the staffing of formal arraignment, acquisition and passing of discovery to defense counsel, litigating bail motions and motions to quash, generating and extending pre-trial plea offers to defendants, and handling the subsequent guilty pleas.

The Supervisor of the Pretrial Unit is Liam Riley, 215-686-9610,

Traffic Court Unit

This Unit consists of both paralegals and ADAs who prosecute all cases in the Philadelphia Traffic Court, which number about 100,000 cases annually. This includes trials and pleas concerning moving violations, which take place in front of hearing officers, as well as de novo appeals in the Court of Common Pleas. The Office assumed responsibility for prosecuting Traffic Court cases in 2013 at the request of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in order to ensure integrity and fairness throughout the Traffic Court system.

Diversion Court

Since 2012, the Diversion Courts Unit has helped thousands of individuals charged with a crime avoid convictions and collateral consequences that may result from their arrest. The Unit is tasked with identifying cases where offenders can be held accountable for their actions through participation in non-trial programming focused on preventing future criminal justice involvement. The numerous programs underneath the Diversion Courts umbrella require offenders to meet a variety of court supervised requirements, including community service, educational and therapeutic programming, and specialized treatment focused on addressing substance abuse and mental health issues. Diversion helps reduce the collateral consequences many offenders face, while also lowering recidivism rates and saving prosecutorial and judicial resources that may then be concentrated on more serious and violent crime in Philadelphia. The Diversion Courts Unit is committed to seeking just resolutions to cases while ensuring that victim rights are protected and that efforts are made to repair the harm imposed on the affected communities.

The Supervisor of the Diversion Court is Charles “Chip” Junod, 215-686-8087,