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City of Philadelphia

Investigations Division

The Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) investigates complaints of municipal corruption and misconduct by government and law enforcement employees. The Unit works with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Team to assist and review investigations of all police officer firearm discharges to determine if criminal charges are warranted. SIU works with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division, City of Philadelphia Office of Inspector General, and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Unit also administers the County Investigating Grand Jury to support assistant district attorneys in conducting confidential, complex, and/or long-term investigations.

Insurance Fraud Unit

The Insurance Fraud Unit investigates cases referred to the Unit by insurance companies. Once a referral is received, it is assigned to one of nine investigators to review the request and investigate. The Unit has prosecuted everything from small- to large-scale Grand Jury investigations. In Commonwealth v. Mardula,, the defendants used garages and auto repair shops to take and install vehicle identification numbers on cars so the defendants could then report them stolen and collect insurance money. Ten defendants were arrested and charged. Additionally, after a two year Grand Jury investigation of Commonwealth v. Cheap Auto Repair, thirty two targets were arrested and charged with Insurance Fraud, RICO, and related charges for false theft reports of vehicles which were fraudulently re-plated using salvage titles and vehicle identification numbers.

To report insurance fraud report insurance fraud call 215-686-8753 or please fill out one of the appropriate forms below and e-mail them to

The Interim Supervisor of the Insurance Fraud unit is Dawn Holtz, 215-686-8745,

To contact the Detective assigned to this Unit: 215-686-8729 or

Insurance Fraud referral form for private citizens
Insurance Fraud referral form for the insurance industry

Dangerous Drug Offenders Unit

The Dangerous Drug Offender Unit investigates and prosecutes drug dealers and their organizations. The Unit works in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency and other federal agencies. The Assistant District Attorneys assigned to this Unit are specially trained and frequently cross-designated as Special Assistant United States Attorneys while the Unit’s Detectives are often cross-deputized as federal agents.

The Interim Supervisor of the Dangerous Drug Offenders Unit is Ryan Slaven, 215-686-5823,

To contact the Detective assigned to this Unit: 215-686-5859,5837 or

Economic and Cyber Crime Unit

The Economic & Cyber Crime Unit (ECCU) is staffed by three Assistant District Attorneys and two police officers. The Unit investigates complex, multiple defendant, or multiple victim white collar crimes. For example, embezzlements, counterfeit check schemes, organized identity theft, home improvement schemes, scams against the elderly, abuse of power of attorney, fraudulent investment, certain forged deed cases, and real estate and loan fraud. In the past six years, ECCU’s work has resulted in restitution awards of more than $8 million.

The Interim Supervisor of the Economic and Cyber Crime Unit is Lisa Caulfield, 215-686-9902,

To contact the Detective assigned to this Unit: 215-686-9905 or