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City of Philadelphia

Public Nuisance Task Force, Gun Violence Task Force, Private Criminal Complaints Unit

The Gun Trafficking and Community Engagement Division is composed of four units and has a goal of reducing gun violence, keeping Philadelphia’s neighborhoods safe, and sharing information and services with the community. 

Public Nuisance Task Force

Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office
Three South Penn Square, 8th Floor 
Philadelphia, PA  19107

The Public Nuisance Task Force (PNTF) combats drug and alcohol-related crimes in Philadelphia by prosecuting nuisance abatement and forfeiture actions. PNTF works with citizens, the police, community groups, and other government agencies to close drug houses, nuisance bars and houses of prostitution, and to remove the profits of drug crimes. For more information about how the PNTF works, click here.

To report a drug house, a nuisance property, or for more information, please call PNTF’s 24-hour hotline at 215-686-5858. Callers may choose to remain anonymous.

The Supervisor is Andrew Jenemann, 215-686-5819,

Gun Violence Task Force

1401 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

The Gun Violence Task Force investigates and prosecutes firearm trafficking, straw purchase of firearms, the movement of illegal guns, and violent gun crime. The Task Force is a city-wide, joint task force with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. The Unit is comprised of seasoned investigators, criminal analysts, and experienced Assistant District Attorneys. The GVTF handles four types of cases: PICs (Pennsylvania Instant Check System) Offenses, Straw Purchases of Firearms, Illegal Transfer of Firearms, and Incidents and Patterns of Gun Violence.

  • The Pennsylvania Instant Check System was implemented on July 1, 1998, to provide instant access to background records on an individual to determine if the person is eligible to acquire a firearm or license to carry a firearm. Federally licensed firearms sellers must perform this check before making a sale of a firearm. Violations are felony offenses, investigated and prosecuted by the Task Force.
  • The Straw Purchase of a Firearm, purchasing a firearm for someone else, is illegal and a felony. Even more serious, is buying a firearm for someone who is not eligible to buy a firearm because they are a felon or otherwise prohibited. If you straw purchase two or more guns for someone else, you may face a 5-10 year mandatory state sentence under the Brad Fox Law sentencing rules. 
  • Selling, giving, or lending a firearm to someone else is illegal unless you make the transfer of the gun, and fill out the necessary paperwork to do so, at a federally licensed gun dealer (FFL). The Gun Violence Task Force investigates street sales of firearms, illegal lending, and other transfers of guns that do not comply with Pennsylvania and Federal Law.
  • In addition to firearms violations, the Task Force investigates and prosecutes cases where firearms are used in violent crimes throughout Philadelphia. In partnership with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the Gun Violence Task Force has been able to arrest individuals responsible for murders, shootings, and gunpoint robberies.

The Supervisor of the Gun Violence Task Force is Jude Conroy, 215-686-9516,

The Supervisory Special Agent for the Task Force is Patrick Mangold, 215-686-9584,

Private Criminal Complaint Unit

1425 Arch Street, 4th Floor 
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 686-9881
(Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Pennsylvania law permits individuals to file criminal complaints against another individual. The Private Criminal Complaint Unit (PCC) reviews complaints involving misdemeanor offenses such as: Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats, Bad Checks, Vandalism, Criminal Mischief, and Theft under $2000 (excluding Theft of Motor Vehicles). The Unit does not review protection from abuse orders, emergency orders, felony crimes, summary offenses, landlord-tenant issues, child abuse or DHS matters, contractual disputes, child custody orders, neighbor arguments, or misdemeanor crimes against juvenile defendants. Click here to learn more about filing a Private Criminal Complaint.

The Assigned Attorney to the Private Criminal Complaint Unit is James Dellafiora, 215-686-9881,

To contact the Detective assigned to this Unit: 215-686-9862 or