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City of Philadelphia

Administration and Technology Division

The Administration and Technology Division consists of five units and is supervised Chief of Staff Arun Prabhakaran, 215-686-5713,

Human Resources Unit

Administers payroll and benefits for all employees. Oversees policy development, training and compliance, as well as non-legal hiring. Promotes employee relations.

The Director of the Human Resources Unit is Rachel Mitchell, 215-686-5784,

Information Technology Unit

The Data Center, which is part of the Unit, manages all the computers, telephones, e-discovery, and networking for the Office. The Unit also maintains all of the Office’s server and file archiving functions. It conducts forensic examinations on hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, and cellular devices to retrieve evidence; provides expert testimony; and maintains all audio and visual equipment used for investigations in the Office and in Court. Finally, the Unit generates all internal data collection to analyze disposition outcomes, trends in crime, and assists in performance-based budgeting.

The Interim Supervisor of the Information Technology Unit is Marian Braccia, 215-686-8775,

Training and Development

The Training and Development Unit offers the approximately 600 men and women, nearly 300 are Assistant District Attorneys, with continuing educational opportunities. In addition to holding Continuing Legal Education classes, the Unit hold weekly training sessions for all Assistant District Attorneys so they can stay up to date on recent legal and internal training topics.

The Interim Supervisor of Training is Jeffrey Lindy,

Conviction Integrity Unit

Staffed with dedicated Assistant District Attorneys, support staff and investigators, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office's Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) investigates and reviews convicted offenders’ legitimate claims of innocence as well as cases alleging other types of wrongful convictions. In addition to reviewing cases, the unit makes recommendations about ways the office can operate more efficiently, effectively and adopt nationally-recognized best practices.

The contact for the Conviction Integrity Unit is Heather Dunn, 215-686-9646.

Finance Unit

The Finance Unit oversees the Office’s annual budget, grants, filings, purchases, and financial oversight in accordance with city, state, and federal requirements.

The Chief Financial Officer is Keith Daviston, 215-686-8910,