The Greenworks Review Cover

Greenworks is our vision for a sustainable Philadelphia. Building on local sustainability achievements over the last eight years, the Office of Sustainability updated Greenworks in November 2016. In 2017, the updated Greenworks lead to a new approach, the Greenworks Review. In this magazine-style report, readers can learn how the City is addressing sustainability and how their communities are leading the way. 

Greenworks envisions a sustainable city where all Philadelphians:

  • Have access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food and drinking water.
  • Breathe healthy air inside and outside.
  • Efficiently use clean energy that they can afford.
  • Are prepared for climate change and reduce carbon pollution.
  • Benefit from parks, trees, storm­water management, and healthy waterways.
  • Have access to safe, affordable, and low-carbon transportation.
  • Waste less, and keep our neighborhoods clean.
  • Benefit from sustainability education, employment, and business opportunities.

To learn more about how the City of Philadelphia and partners throughout our community are working together to achieve this vision, see The Greenworks Review.

To see the 2016 update to Greenworks, read Greenworks: A Vision for a Sustainable Philadelphia.

The Office of Sustainability has several initiatives to support the Greenworks vision:

Cover of Greenworks, A Vision for a Sustainable Philadelphia 2016 report.

  • Greenworks on the Ground: Checklists to help residents, communities, and institutions understand how they can participate in Greenworks.
  • Greenworks Initiatives Update: A look at all the sustainability initiatives lead by OOS and other City departments.
  • Greenworks Dashboard: An online platform that provides up-to-date sustainability data.
  • Greenworks Equity Index: A forthcoming program to identify communities that do not currently benefit from sustainability, and improve outcomes in those areas.

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