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Department of Domestic Participation and Special Events

[Record group 232-4-5]
Agency Function
Agency History
This department, directed by A. L. Sutton, coordinated much of the programming at the exposition. The department included the following divisions: Federal Participation; State Participation; Municipal Participation; Civic Participation; Congresses and Conventions, headed by J. H. Flett, chief; Fraternal; Housing Division; Special Events; Special Days, headed by J. H. Flett and his assistant J. H. Sayres; Music Division; Athletic Division; Military (except regular); Religious (merged with Education & Social Economy in the Exhibits Department); and Negro Activities headed by Hon. J. C. Asbury.
Archival Records
232-4-5.1 Correspondence & Files
232-4-5.2 Federal Participation (June 1924-September 1926)
232-4-5.3 State Participation (1922-1926)
232-4-5.4 Congresses and Conventions (1921-1927)
232-4-5.5 Special Events (1925-1926)
232-4-5.6 Special Days
232-4-5.7 Music Division (1925-1926)
232-4-5.8 Division of Negro Activities

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