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City of Philadelphia


Administration and Technology Division

The Administration and Technology Division consists of five units and is supervised by Chief of Staff Arun Prabhakaran.

Public Nuisance Task Force, Gun Violence Task Force, Private Criminal Complaints Unit

The Gun Trafficking and Community Engagement Division is composed of four units and has a goal of reducing gun violence, keeping Philadelphia’s neighborhoods safe, and sharing information and services with the community.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is made up of three units to maximize investigative resources and streamline prosecutions.


The Juvenile Division is made up of four Units and is supervised by Paul Goldman.


The Law Division consists of five units, approximately 50-60 Assistant District Attorneys, and numerous support staff members. The Division is supervised by Nancy Winkelman.


The Pretrial Division is made up of four Units.


The Trial Division is made up of six Bureaus and four Units. It is supervised by Interim First Assistant Carolyn Engel Temin.