The paving season is underway. The Streets Department plans to resurface 60 miles between now and the fall. The paving season runs from the spring through late fall. 
The street improvement process involves two separate phases or four steps:
  • Preparation phase 
    • Step 1: Removal of the existing top asphalt surface (milling)
    • Step 2: Setting manholes covers and any roadway base areas
  • Paving phase 
    • Step 3: New asphalt applied; actual paving of the roadway
    • Step 4: Laying any line striping and traffic markings
The entire paving operation takes three-to-five weeks. But, this timeline may change depending upon weather conditions and area special events. Each phase happens  between 7am and 4pm, lasting one to two days per street.
  • Look for posted temporary “No Parking” signs to know when to move vehicles. This will prevent the towing of vehicles, as well as prevent delays in the project. 
  • If a vehicle is towed, residents should contact their local Police District to find it.

Streets scheduled for the initial phases of improvement including milling, adjusting of manhole covers, and resetting of utility boxes – which will take place in separate activities over the course of the week.  Operations for the milling work will be performed during the day hours, between 7A.M. and 4P.M.  Streets scheduled for the week of November 14 are:

  • Holstein Ave, from South 70th Street to Bartram Ave.
  • Crane Street, from South 84th Street to Mario Lanza BLVD.
  • Cratin Pl, from South 86th Street to Cul De Sac South.
  • South 86th Street, from Lindbergh BLVD to Cratin Pl.
  • Apollo Plz, from Buits Ave to Cul De Sac East.
  • Buist Ave, from South 77th Street to Apollo Plz.
The web map paving tracker allows residents to go online and view the progress of a street scheduled for paving. View and track the Streets Department's core services: trash and recycling, paving, permits and snow operations at