Fancy Seck is the proud mother of three three daughters who attend Central High School. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to close and classes to move online, Ms. Seck and her husband quickly realized they had a new problem to solve: they needed reliable, high-speed internet so their kids could participate in digital learning.

Fortunately, the Seck family received an email from the School District about PHLConnectED.

PHLConnectED is the City’s initiative to get eligible Philadelphia K-12 households connected to free internet so that students can participate in digital learning. The email included a code that Ms. Seck and her husband could use to call Comcast and get Internet Essentials for free. They decided to sign up through the program.

After calling Comcast, the Wi-Fi box came quickly—just two days later. They had a little bit of trouble setting up the connection but called Comcast who sent someone to install it for them.

And just like that, the Seck family was connected to the internet.

How it’s going now

Ms. Seck’s Wi-Fi is now working well. All three of her daughters convene on the first floor of their home to attend school without issue. Her family is grateful for the program—if they hadn’t signed up for PHLConnectED, Ms. Seck says they would continue to have internet issues and her daughters wouldn’t be able to participate in school.