“IPS kept me off the streets and gave me a more positive thing to do after school.”
– IPS participant

The Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) program supports youth, ages 10-19, who are facing challenges at home, school, or in the community. 

By doing this, IPS helps them avoid involvement with the juvenile justice system—and that’s the goal. The power of IPS is its proven ability to build up the self-esteem of each person in the program and to guide them toward a more positive direction in their lives.

Five years ago, the Department of Human Services started working with the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Police Department to provide IPS services to young people as an alternative to arrest. Since that Police School Diversion Program began in 2014, 1,486 youth have been diverted from the courts to our IPS programs. A referral to IPS also increases their chances of staying in school and reduces the risk of future arrest.

“IPS provides a safe haven for young people, mentors young people, and engages them and their families,” said Damon Trent, DHS Juvenile Justice Services Prevention Supervisor. “It exposes them to new experiences by providing essential tools and life skills to take our young people out into the world. That is where the success lies.”

The secret IPS sauce? It provides programming after school, when youth are more likely to engage in the kind of high-risk behaviors that could land them in court. Each participant who walks through the door of an IPS provider also receives a customized plan to address the specific behaviors that brought them into the program. The plan varies by person, but the goals are the same: to strengthen their sense of self-worth, build life skills, provide academic support, and improve their relationships at school, home, or in the community. 

Youth come to IPS through families, schools, the court system, or the police. Services are free and available in six locations across Philadelphia.

If you think IPS might be a good fit for your child or one you know, visit the IPS page on our website and contact the IPS location nearest you.