Each month, Parks & Rec receives media coverage of our programs, projects, and sites. Here are some highlights from the past month.

Oct. 30, 2018: The renaming of Wissahickon Valley Park’s “Daisy Field” in honor of David P. Montgomery, former president and current chairman of the Phillies was widely praised:

Nov. 10, 2018: KYW NewsRadio’s Dan Wing documented our successful, 25th annual Love Your Park Fall Service Day, noting that “with 107 parks, this was the largest ‘Love Your Park Day’ to date.” The event also received shout-outs from Curbed Philadelphia, DelcoTimes.com, the Passyunk Post, and others.

Nov. 12, 2018: Jim Saksa, in an article that originally appeared on PlanPhilly, summarized the projects that will benefit from the $181 million bond initiative approved by voters this month:

“$2 million is pledged for the Schuylkill River Trail’s ongoing expansion projects… and another $7 million will go toward Department of Parks and Recreation-led projects.”

“Parks and Recreation will see other projects funded by the bond, too, with $1 million going toward an ongoing project to maintain and rebuild the retaining wall along the Schuylkill River. The Horticultural [Horticulture] Center will get $200,000 for building upgrades. Design work on improving the East Park Canoe House will get a $400,000 infusion, and another $250,000 will go toward a new dock for dragon boats. The Mann Center is also slated to get $1 million for various improvements.”

Later in the month, Amanda O’Brien covered the story for The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Nov. 14, 2018: PhillyVoice’s Michael Tanenbaum reported on the announcement of the second round of Rebuild sites. He quoted Rebuild’s executive director Nicole Westerman:

“Rebuild is moving forward. These projects represent more than just an opportunity to revitalize community spaces. They also create a platform for residents to make their voice heard about what types of changes they’d like to see in their community and provide work opportunities for diverse Philadelphia businesses.”

Nov. 15, 2018: PhillyVoice also featured another piece by Michael Tanenbaum hailing state grants to eight Philly park and trail projects. These include $250,00 for Russo Park, work at Smith Memorial Playground, and $1.148 million for work on the Schuylkill River Trail.

Nov. 19, 2018: The Philadelphia Tribune published a detailed list of Rebuild sites with funding estimates for each project.

Nov. 22, 2018: The return of Philadelphia’s Christmas Village to LOVE Park was heralded by CBS 3, Metro, and others.

Nov. 20-27, 2018: Shining brightly among the Christmas Village stories was news of Parks & Rec’s gift to the city, “The Present.” The 27-foot tall, glowing centerpiece of LOVE Park’s Christmas Village received coverage in the PhillyVoice, The Philadelphia Sunday, The Philadelphia Tribune, and other media outlets. The charitable focus of The Present was often highlighted:

  • “Besides being a place where you can snap cool Instagram photos, visitors can also donate to causes inside,” noted Philly.com’s Bethany Ao.
  • KYW NewsRadio’s Andrew Kramer spoke with Mayor Jim Kenney who said, “Remember what this season’s all about, it’s about love and giving.”
  • Capping off the coverage, CBS 3 interviewed Parks & Rec’s Marc Wilken (bright and early!) on the day The Present was unveiled. When asked how people were reacting Marc said, “we had a lot of Instagram traffic already and we’re excited to see how everyone responds to it.”

Nov. 22, 2018: The most heartwarming story of the month was crafted by Kristen A. Graham for Philly.com. In “Lifting Kensington – through soccer,” she describes dedicated volunteer Jim Hardy who received the “Parks & Recreation Sports Volunteer of the Year” award from Mayor Kenney this year. Hardy’s Kensington Soccer Club plays at Parks & Rec’s Casiano Field, among others.

“In eight years, the organization has grown from a few volunteers overseeing a handful of pickup games to a community anchor with nearly 1,500 youths served annually in multiple leagues, providing year-round programming, educational activities, even jobs.”

Hats off to the good work of Jim Hardy, and to all Parks & Rec staffers who similarly help shape and transform young lives!

Nov. 24, 2018: Writing for Philly.com, Samantha Melamed highlighted the history of the Trolley Trail in Fairmount Park, and recent work by Fairmount Park Conservancy and Parks & Rec to restore the 4.5-mile route as a nature trail.

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