PHILADELPHIA – Ricardo Calderón, the Director for the City’s Office of Youth Engagement issued the following statement on the selection of the two non-voting Student Representatives for the Philadelphia Board of Education:

“On behalf of the Office of Youth Engagement, we congratulate two of our city’s finest young leaders who have been selected to serve on the Philadelphia Board of Education. There is no doubt that Mr. Alfredo Praticò, a Philadelphia Youth Commission member appointed by Councilman Greenlee, and Ms. Julia Franks, a senior at Northeast High School, will do their best to represent fellow District students.

“As one of our City’s Youth Commissioners, Alfredo Praticò has brought a much-needed youth perspective to City government and we know he will serve the Philadelphia Board of Education with excellence. We are certain that Julia and Alfredo will work hard to ensure that the voices of their fellow students are heard. The younger generation has always been instrumental in building and changing our society, and we look forward to continuing to support the work of our young people to make meaningful change in our city.”

About the Philadelphia Youth Commission
The Philadelphia Youth Commission is a body of 21 young leaders between the ages of 12-23, who are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, to represent their peers as they advise key leadership on policy, legislation and programming that impact youth.