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About Us - Water Revenue Bureau

The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter in regard to Water and Sewer Section 6-201 stated that "the Department (formerly Department of Collections, now the Revenue Department) shall collect all water and sewer rents due the City. lt shall cause all water meters to be read punctually by its employees. Bills for water and sewer rents shall be mailed to the owners of the properties against which they are charged."


The Water Revenue Bureau was created in October 1959, to specifically handle the water and sewer billing operation. In addition, the Water Revenue Bureau has the responsibility of reading the meters, creating bills, collecting payments and providing quality service to over 450,000 water and sewer customers of the Philadelphia Water Department.


Historic developments of the Water Revenue Bureau included:

  • Universal metering of all accounts in the late 1950's
  • The Customer Billing Information System in 1976
  • Quarterly billing in 1979
  • Hand held meter reading devices in 1987
  • Monthly billing and twenty-four hour payment processing in 1993
  • Automatic meter reading in late 1997
  • The conversion of the Customer Billing Information System for year 2000 capabilities in January 1999

The mission of the Water Revenue Bureau is to accurately bill and collect water/sewer charges and fees, and to provide quality, courteous and efficient services to the customers of the Water Department. Water Revenue Bureau will ensure that the Water Department has the resources necessary to continue to provide high-quality water and cost-effective wastewater treatment to the city and the region.


Customers Served
The Water Department serves customers within the City of Philadelphia as well as customers in portions of Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware counties.


Population Served
The population served by the Water System is approximately 1.653 million people and the population served by the Wastewater System is approximately 2.199 million people.


Service Area
The Water Department, which began Water System service in 1801, supplies water to the City of Philadelphia and a portion of Bucks County and wastewater service to the City and to ten municipalities and authorities located in Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks Counties.


Executive Management
Michelle Bethel, Deputy Revenue Commissioner

Mark Harvey, Director of Accounting
Robert DePiano, Director of Operations
Thomas Fenner, Director of Special Projects
Angeline Zamorski, Revenue Officer 1 - Technical

Phyllis Chase, Manager of Collections