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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Customer
What if I am a new property owner?
What if I am a tenant?
What if I am an occupant?

Rights & Responsibilities
What are my rights as a customer?
What are my responsibilities?



What are my payment options?
What happens to a returned check?
How do payment agreements work?

Review & Appeal
What if I disagree with my bill?
What is my right to appeal?



Reading Your Meter
What is automatic meter reading?
What are other ways to read my meter?
What if my water meter breaks?
What if I do not have a water meter?

Water & Sewer Bills
How often do I receive a bill?
What charges are included in my bill?
Do Senior Citizens get a discount?
What if I have a question about a bill?
When can I request a meter test?


Low Income Assistance
How do I qualify for this agreement?
How does this agreement help me?
How do I apply?

Termination of Service
Why would my services be shut off?
Can I get my service turned on again?
Can I discontinue services permanently?
What if I am sick and need my services?


Current News and Information

New Water and Sewer Rates


Water Department Regulations


Delinquent Accounts

Online Services

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