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City of Philadelphia

Rates, Regulations, & Responsibility

Billing and Accounts

The Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) was created in October 1959 to handle most aspects of the water and sewer billing operation, including creating bills, collecting payments, and providing quality service to the water and sewer customers of the Philadelphia Water Department. Please visit WRB's site for more information on topics such as:


As the cost of water utility services rise steadily across the country, PWD works hard to deliver safe, clean drinking water to you in a cost-effective manner.


PWD regulations define the terms of services provided by the department. These include customer rights and responsibilities, guidelines for making connections to PWD infrastructure, and departmental policies.

Customer Responsibilities

Once drinking water leaves the PWD water main in the street, keeping the water flowing becomes the customer's responsibility.

Rate Setting Process

  • How were my current rates set?
  • How is the rate- setting process changing?
  • 2016 Rate Proceeding Documentation

Water for Life