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City of Philadelphia

Watershed Protection

Sourcewater Protection » 
The Source Water Protection Program takes a holistic approach to developing a thorough understanding of Philadelphia’s water supply characteristics, including water quality conditions, major sources of actual and potential contamination, water availability, flow patterns and management practices, and tidal and reservoir impacts. In order for the program to continuously meet its high standards, PWD employs a wide range of tools including research projects, regional partnerships, outreach and education, advanced technologies, and on-the-ground implementation and monitoring to achieve, if not exceed, source water protection goals.

Waterways Restoration »
The Office of Watersheds, in cooperation with PWD’s Design Group and the Fairmount Park Commission, has hired consultants to develop restoration/stabilization designs and wetland creation designs for tributaries and mainstem streams throughout Philadelphia. The OOW oversees the design and construction phases of these projects to ensure that project goals are met and all applicable permits are obtained. In order to assess whether or not these built-out efforts have been successful, the OOW also conducts pre- and post-construction monitoring. 

Floatables Control » 
The floatable skimming vessel enables the Philadelphia Water Department to monitor and remove trash and debris that accrue on Philadelphia’s waterways. This program protects our infrastructure and demonstrates the value that the City places on its waterways.

Fairmount Dam Fishway » 
The Fairmount Dam Fishway is the largest fish passage structure in the Schuylkill River watershed. As the farthest downstream passageway, it is critical to restoring populations of American shad, river herring, and other fish species in the Schuylkill and its tributaries.