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The following projects involve long-term construction and may create traffic disruptions and other impacts to communities. Not all PWD projects are represented. To report an incident or problem that needs immediate attention, please call 215-685-6300.

10th and Tasker

During investigation and repair of infrastructure on 10th street in March and April 2015, it was determined that the water main and sewer from 10th and Tasker to 10th and Moore should be replaced. Please read our fact sheet for the breakdown of events that led to this conclusion.

It is anticipated that 10th Street will remain closed for several months. We will update this time line as more information becomes available.

Currently, we are:
  • fixing valves along 10th street to minimize service disruption during main repair
  • excavating for installation of the new water and sewer mains. This work is being done by our contractor, Nello Construction

East Park Reservoir

PWD will be embarking on a multi-year project at this site which will include the construction of new water tanks, general facility upgrades and additional site improvements.The East Park Reservoir is an important drinking water storage facility for the City of Philadelphia. The facility provides water storage for approximately 50 percent of the Philadelphia Water Department’s customers and provides reliable water service during emergency conditions.
Key Project Facts
  • 60 million gallons of drinking water storage
  • Continued reliable water service to customers
  • Relocated access road for improved traffic safety
  • Partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
  • Partnership with Audubon Society and Outward Bound Philadelphia
  • Project Schedule: Construction- Anticipated 2014-2016
View a presentation that was delivered to area residents on January 29th and February 4th, 2014.

Hermitage/Smick/Wright Streets

Philadelphia Water, through private contractor, Petrongolo Contractors, Inc, have been performing water main and sewer work on several streets in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. The project is expected to be completed in summer, 2016. Read a letter distributed to residents on June 18, 2015. [link to letter]

Philadelphia Water staff attended a meeting with residents on January 11 to address concerns related to this project. Please see documents below for information related to this meeting.

- Meeting Agenda
- Issues Raised at Meeting
- Phasing Map
- Progress Report
- Email Regarding Curb Height

Current Project Status
January 11, 2016

Wright Street (Umbria to Smick)
• Storm and sanitary sewers installed
• Water main installed
• Sidewalks and curbing completed
• ADA Ramps
• Street restoration – cobblestone finish almost complete with street opening scheduled for week of January 11

Hermitage Street (Umbria to Smick)
• Storm and sanitary sewers mostly installed. Sewer work stopped near 163 Hermitage and connected with a temporary tie in. New sewer connection at Umbria and Hermitage pending
• Water main installed
• Sidewalks and curbing – pending. Northern curb may stay in place because granite curb may be in good condition
• ADA Ramps - pending
• Street restoration – pending

Hermitage Street (Smick to Sheldon)
• Storm and sanitary sewers – not installed. Will not be installed until Hermitage from Umbria to Smick is completed.
• Water main – not installed. See above
• Sidewalks and curbing – pending
• ADA Ramps –approved but not pending until restoration begins
• Street restoration – pending

Hermitage Street (Silverwood to Sheldon)
• Sanitary and Storm Sewer installed and approved
• Water main installed and approved
• ADA ramps installed
• Footway Installed, brick footway pending
• Street base installed
• Asphalt transition at Silverwood installed
• Cobblestone restoration – pending
• Cross Street - pending

Smick Street (Fountain to Hermitage)
• Storm and sanitary sewers – Between Wright and Hermitage (200 block) installed and inspected via video camera. Between Hermitage (200 block) to Hermitage (100 block), not installed and is a continuation of Hermitage from Umbria to Smick. Between Fountain and Wright, third video inspection is currently under review.
• Water main installed
• Sidewalks and curbing – pending, Curbs installed from the manhole to Hermitage.
• ADA Ramps – installed
• Street restoration – pending

Umbria Street
• Sewer and water main connection in Wright – completed and paved
• Sewer and water main connection in Hermitage – partially completed and covered with asphalt binder layer and cold patch asphalt for touchups
• Street restoration - pending

Spring Lane and Hendren Street: Proposed Project

The Philadelphia Water Department is exploring ways to relieve neighborhood flooding and sanitary sewer issues in this area of Philadelphia that is served by a private sewer.


Understanding the nature of specific problems in neighborhoods is an important first step for the City to develop solutions. Please take the time to fill out this survey to help us better understand your flooding problem.

Fill the survey out online:
Download the survey to fill out and mail in: