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The following projects involve long-term construction and may create traffic disruptions and other impacts to communities. Not all PWD projects are represented. To report an incident or problem that needs immediate attention, please call 215-685-6300.

Ridge Avenue Water Main Replacement

Scope of PWD Work:

  • Replacement of existing water mains with a new water main in each block. Impacted list of streets below.
  • Property water service replacement
  • Fire hydrants along limits of project replacement
  • Penn DOT will resurface Ridge Ave. within the limits of the project upon PWD construction completion (see below).
  • PWD is coordinating its work with Penn DOT in order to ensure the water main work is completed prior to the street resurfacing work.

PWD Work Schedule:

  • The Project began August 11, 2014
  • Estimated construction Duration: 4 calendar months.
  • Anticipated PWD construction completion: Late October 2014

Penn DOT Work Schedule:

  • Work began August 12, 2014. 
  • Anticipated Penn DOT construction completion: December 2014.
  • Scope of Penn DOT Work:
  • Street resurfacing consisting of mill and overlay of Ridge Ave. from Northwestern St. (Philadelphia City Border with Montgomery County) to 33rd St. (approx. 7 miles total)
  • Reconstruction of handicap ramps along project limits

Streets / Blocks affected by PWD (total project)

  • Ridge Ave. from Shurs/ Walnut Lane to Manayunk Ave.
  • Jamestown St. from Henry Ave. to Magdalena Ave.
  • Magdalena St. from Jamestown St. Roxborough Ave.
  • Vicaris St. from Lauriston St. to Salaignac St.
  • Wendover St. from Henry Ave. to Magdalena St.
  • Osborn St. from Ridge Ave. to terminus (dead end)


Business Response Program
In Partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) the Business Response Program (BRB) was initiated as a short-term assistance program to help ensure that business in an area affected by PWD project is, to the extent possible, not interrupted. Please read theBRP Application for more information on eligibility.

Kemble Park and Wister Woods

In April 2014, PWD began construction work for rain gardens and underground storage basins in Wister Woods and Kemble Park in the Ogontz and Belfield neighborhoods. This project is part of PWD’s Green City, Clean Waters program, a 25-year, city-wide effort to improve water quality by building green infrastructure throughout Philadelphia.

During construction, portions of the park will be closed temporarily. The Water Department has hired a private contractor, Servalli, Inc, to complete the project. For questions about the construction work, please refer to the job announcement letter.

Notification letters were mailed to surrounding residents on January 16, 2014 and delivered to properties bordering construction on March 24, 2014. PWD participated in a community meeting with Baynton Hill Neighbors Group on March 11 and A Concerned Community Association and Belfield Area Neighborhood Association on April 17.

Kemble Park Updates:
Letters outlining road closures and next steps were hand delivered to residents on September 10. view letter


East Park Reservoir

PWD will be embarking on a multi-year project at this site which will include the construction of new water tanks, general facility upgrades and additional site improvements.The East Park Reservoir is an important drinking water storage facility for the City of Philadelphia. The facility provides water storage for approximately 50 percent of the Philadelphia Water Department’s customers and provides reliable water service during emergency conditions.
Key Project Facts
  • 60 million gallons of drinking water storage
  • Continued reliable water service to customers
  • Relocated access road for improved traffic safety
  • Partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
  • Partnership with Audubon Society and Outward Bound Philadelphia
  • Project Schedule: Construction- Anticipated 2014-2016
View a presentation that was delivered to area residents on January 29th and February 4th, 2014.

Spring Lane and Hendren Street: Proposed Project

The Philadelphia Water Department is exploring ways to relieve neighborhood flooding and sanitary sewer issues in this area of Philadelphia that is served by a private sewer.


Understanding the nature of specific problems in neighborhoods is an important first step for the City to develop solutions. Please take the time to fill out this survey to help us better understand your flooding problem.

Fill the survey out online:
Download the survey to fill out and mail in:

Construction Letters By Zip Code