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City of Philadelphia



The Philadelphia Veterans Advisory Commission was established in 1957, pursuant to City Council Resolution Number 123. This stated:

"Whereas, Many veterans are unaware of the benefits which are distributed through various departments and agencies of the City and to which they are legally entitled; and

Whereas, The City desires to establish a Veterans Advisory Commission which would apprise veterans of the benefits to which they are entitled and consult with and advise City departments and agencies engaged in the distribution of such benefits..."

Thus began the Veterans Advisory Commission. It is my honor and pleasure to see this office become revitalized and invigorated in its content. The ongoing goal of the City Council Veteran’s Advisory Commission(VAC) is to proactively serve the veterans of our city by providing them with the information they need to ensure that they receive all the benefits they rightfully deserve. We also strive to locate and refer veterans to the appropriate agency of the government, or social service agency, to provide them with the counseling or services they require. Additionally, we maintain continuous contacts with veterans' organizations, as well as governmental and other service providers, to assess the needs of our veterans and to serve as vocal advocates to see those needs are met.

"This Nation Will Remain the Land of the Free Only
So Long as it is the Home of the Brave." 
Elmer Davis

God bless America and God bless those who have so honorably served in our
Armed Forces.

Scott C. Brown, Director

Veterans Advisory Commission