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City of Philadelphia Real Estate Tax

The City and the School District of Philadelphia impose a tax on all real estate in the City pursuant to Philadelphia Code Chapter 19-1300, as authorized by 72 P.S. [section sign] 5020-201. The Office of Property Assessment (OPA) determines the value of the property on which the taxes must be paid.

Real Estate Tax bills are sent in December for the following year and payments are due March 31st. If you pay on or before the last day of February, you receive a 1% discount. If you pay after March 31, you are subject to increased charges which are collectively called "additions". At year-end these charges are capitalized and become tax principal on which interest and penalty will accrue.

For questions about your account, please forward an email to revenue@phila.gov or call 215-686-6442.

For questions about account payoffs, forward an email to retaxpayoff@phila.gov. To receive payoff amounts, please e-mail the statement of claim number from the legal action, the property address and/or the Office of Property Assessment number to retaxpayoff@phila.gov or fax it to 215-686-0582.

If the "Status" column on a tax year is marked LSLD, the corresponding Tax Lien for that year was sold to a private third-party lien-holder at a City Tax Lien Sale.  Therefore, the amounts listed below for those years may not include all Real Estate Tax liabilities currently due.  For more information regarding the name, address, and phone number of the new lien-holder, as well as the status of the lien(s), you may search the Philadelphia Court's civil docket at Civil Docket Access. You may enter or copy/paste the 13-digit lien number listed below (ex. 1504R14010000) to the Court’s “Case ID” search box.

If the "Status" column on a tax year is marked SEQR, the corresponding Tax Lien for that year is in the sequestration program. For more information regarding the status of the sequestration proceedings, you may call 215-686-3629, or search the Philadelphia Court's civil docket at Civil Docket Access. You may enter the property owner's name in the Court’s “Caption” search box.

Customer Information
Property Address:00906 E WESTMORELAND ST
Postal Code:19134
Lien Sale Account:
If Lien Sale Account is marked Y, the amount due listed may not include all Real Estate Tax liabilities. Call 215-790-1117 for more information.
Includes Payments Through:07/12/2018
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Real Estate Tax Balance Information
YearPrincipalInterestPenaltyOtherTotalLien#City SolicitorStatus
An amount in parenthesis, e.g., ($1.00) indicates an overpayment for that year.
Status Descriptions
LBR - Collections being pursued by Linebarger Collection Agency. Please call 215-790-1117.
LBRA - In an agreement with Linebarger.
LBRO - In an Owner Occupied Payment Arrangement (OOPA) agreement with LBR.
GRB - Collections being pursued by GRB Collection Agency. Please call 866-677-5970.
GRBA - In an agreement with GRB.
GRBO - In an Owner Occupied Payment Arrangement (OOPA) agreement with GRB.
AGRE - Active payment agreement plan in effect for delinquent taxes.
INST - Active installment payment plan in effect for current taxes.
PIO - Collections being pursued by Pioneer Collection Agency. Please call 866-439-1318.
BRT - Under appeal with the Board of Revision of Taxes.
LSLD - Sold to a third-party at Tax Lien Sale. Search the civil court docket for more information.
DISC - Discounted amount good until March 1st.
SEQR - Collections being pursued by Law Department's Sequestration/Receivership Program. Please search the civil docket.