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City of Philadelphia

Reading Olympics

The Reading Olympics engages fourth through eighth graders from Philadelphia's public, parochial, charter, independent and after school programs in a collaborative reading competition.  Teams of up to 12 students collectively read the books on the Philadelphia Reading Olympics booklist, and practice working together as a team to answer questions about the books.

The teams come together in May at an assigned college campus location to answer questions about the books.  The teams accumulate points for every correct answer during three rounds of competition earning each team member a blue, red, or green ribbon based on the number of points their team has earned.  Volunteers from area businesses join with members of the community to ask questions and keep score.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks before during and after the event.  The tasks include counting out materials in preparation for the competitions, soliciting donations of food for volunteers at the event, reading and writing questions to be used in the competition, serving as moderator or scorekeeper at the event, and inputting survey information into our database after the event in May.


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