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City of Philadelphia

Donate Books

Thinking about cleaning out the nursery, den, attic, or garage? Often times it is difficult to part with the memories of childhood.

However, donating these literacy resources will create a whole new world for other children, making it all worthwhile:


PHILADELPHIA READS' Book Bank accepts new and gently used books for children in preschool through 8th grade.  We do not accept:  books with ripped pages, missing pages, pages that have been written, or books with stains; adult books; used activity books; encyclopedias that are two years old or older; or magazines.


School Supplies!

NEW school supply donations such as pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, book bags, etc. are in constant demand. We provide Philadelphia school teachers and other childcare providers with free school supplies to be used in their classrooms.


Incentive Prizes!

Stickers, books, writing tablets, journals, penmanship books, gift certificates are all great incentives that teachers utilize to encourage students to read.

To find out more, call Jim Remsen at (215) 851-1845 or