§12-3005. Intersections At Which This Chapter Applies.

(1) Automated red light enforcement systems that are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation may be used to enforce this Chapter only at the following intersections, and as this list may be amended from time to time by ordinance, subject to the designation of such intersections by agreement of the System Administrator and the Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation:

(a) U.S. Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at Grant Avenue, at Red Lion Road and at Cottman Street.

(b) Kensington Avenue at Clearfield Street.

(c) Richmond Street at Allegheny Avenue and at Castor Avenue.

(d) Aramingo Avenue at York Street.

(e) Thompson Street at Lehigh Avenue.

(f) Broad Street at Washington Avenue.

(2) No automated red light enforcement system shall be used at any intersection unless there is posted an appropriate sign in a conspicuous place before the area in which the automated red light enforcement device is used notifying the public that an automated red light enforcement device is in use immediately ahead.