§12-2702. Definitions. [121]

For the purpose of this Chapter:

(a) Permit parking district means a contiguous or nearly contiguous area where curbside parking on public highways is limited to not less than one (1) hour between 6:00 A.M. and midnight from Monday through Saturday, or every day, except on legal holidays, unless a vehicle properly displays a parking permit authorized by this Chapter and is parked on a block posted pursuant to section 12-2704 of this Chapter; provided, that when actual commerce and/or institutional use of property on the ground floor level of any block of a street exceeds fifty-percent, that block shall be excluded from the provisions of this Chapter.

(b) Parking permit means either a resident parking permit or a temporary parking permit authorized by this Chapter.
(c) Vehicle means an automobile, motorcycle, or van or passenger utility vehicle intended primarily for personal use and not exceeding twenty (20) feet in length.

(d) Leased vehicle means a vehicle owned by a leasing business which is being provided to an individual through a leasing contract. A vehicle leased from one individual to another individual is not a leased vehicle for purposes of this Chapter.

(e) Company car means a car, the vehicle registration of which reflects that it is owned by a corporation. A privately owned car used by an individual for company business is not a company car for purposes of this Chapter.

(f) Temporary student resident means a person enrolled full time in a college, university, trade or business school, residing in a permit parking district for an academic term, whose vehicle is registered to his/her permanent address.