§12-2502. General Provisions.

(1) The Streets Commissioner[108] shall by regulation designate streets which are heavily traveled and are necessary thoroughfares for the movement of vehicular traffic through the City as "Snow Emergency Routes."

(2) All streets designated as "Snow Emergency Routes" shall be posted with suitable signs or markers at intervals not exceeding 1500 feet, which signs shall bear the words "Snow Emergency Route."

(3) When in the opinion of the Emergency Coordinator the actual or expected precipitation of snow will create hazardous or dangerous highway conditions for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, the Emergency Coordinator shall have authority to declare a "Snow Emergency." Such declaration shall include a designation of the time when the "Snow Emergency" shall take effect, which shall be not less than two hours after it has been declared.[109]

(a) The Emergency Coordinator shall immediately inform the public of the snow emergency by issuing a press release to the local radio, television and news services.

(b) The Snow Emergency shall continue in force and effect until the Emergency Coordinator declares it to be over in the same manner as provided for in subsection (3)(a).

(4) After the time a snow emergency takes effect and during its existence:[110]

(a) No vehicle, trailer, dumpster, or any other object shall be parked or allowed to remain stalled, incapable of moving under its own power or otherwise left unattended on a Snow Emergency Route.[111]

(b) The Emergency Coordinator may declare any Snow Emergency Route or any part of a Snow Emergency Route to be free from the restrictions herein imposed, when in the Emergency Coordinator’s opinion the weather or street conditions warrant such an exclusion. The Emergency Coordinator shall give notice of this determination in the manner provided for in subsection (3)(a) above.[112]