§12-2406.1. Fees and Charges. [97]

(1) A seventy-five ($75) dollar booting fee and/or a one-hundred ($100) dollar towing and removal fee shall be assessed to cover the costs of immobilization and/or impoundment of any vehicle immobilized or impounded pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter or other provisions of law.[97.1]

(2) Storage charges for the storage of any vehicle impounded under the provisions of the Chapter or other provisions of law shall be calculated at the rate of ten (10) dollars for each twenty-four hour period or fraction thereof, for the first five (5) days of impoundment, and fifteen (15) dollars for each twenty-four (24) hour period or fraction thereof thereafter.[97.2]

(3) The foregoing charges shall not be assessed against the owner of any vehicle taken into custody by the Department in the course of a criminal investigation, except that such charges shall be assessed if:[98]

(a) The vehicle is not reclaimed within twenty-four (24) hours of notice to reclaim the vehicle; or

(b) The owner of the vehicle is arrested and charged with an offense related to such investigation; provided, however, that, if the owner is acquitted of all charges, or all charges are dropped, the owner shall have the right to reimbursement of such fees.

(4) No vehicle towed to an Official Towing Station shall be released to its owner, lienholder or anyone claiming a right of possession until all outstanding fees, charges and fines are paid. Any person who disputes the validity or the amount of such fees, charges or fines may demand an expedited hearing pursuant to § 12-2406; except that, for vehicles towed pursuant to provisions of law other than this Chapter, such hearing may only be had after the Police Department determines the vehicle is available to be reclaimed, and the only issue at such hearing shall be the validity and amount of the fees, charges and fines. Prior to such determination, a vehicle may only be reclaimed pursuant to Police Department regulations or[99] to the Rules of Criminal Procedure.[100]