§14-701. Designation.

(1) Parcels of public land under the jurisdiction of the City of Philadelphia Department of Recreation, Fairmount Park Commission, the Department of Forests and Waters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the National Park Service of the United States Government which are devoted to park and/or recreational purposes may be designated on the zoning maps as Recreational.[201]

(2) Use Regulations. The specific uses permitted in this district shall be the erection, construction, alteration, or use of buildings and/or land for any type of recreational use or activity; provided, that any private operation for private profit located within this district at a distance of 500 feet or less from any district boundary shall be permitted only if a certificate from the Zoning Board of Adjustment is obtained.

(3) Area and Height Regulations. Where a Recreational District is in the same block with any other district, said Recreational District shall comply with the area and height regulations of the most restrictive district which abuts upon said Recreational District.