§14-511. Industrial District Rules and Exceptions.

(1) Industrial Districts Abutting Residential Districts. Where any Industrial district abuts a Residential district, side yards and/or rear yards shall be provided in the Industrial district on the sides so abutting. The minimum requirements for said yards shall be either those for the Industrial district, or those for the Residential district on the abutting side, whichever is the larger.

(2) Appurtenances Above Height Restrictions. The following appurtenances of buildings when directly attached as part of the main building may be erected to heights in excess of the prescribed height limit in an Industrial District:

(a) Chimneys;

(b) Fire-escape towers;

(c) Penthouses or roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans, heating and cooling towers or similar equipment required to operate and maintain the building;

(d) Fire walls;

(e) Radio and television aerials;

(f) Flagpoles;

(g) Airplane beacons.

(3) Wireless Telecommunications.[195]

(a) "L-1," "L-2," "L-3," "L-4" and "L-5," Wireless Service Facilities (Facilities) shall be permitted, provided,[196] all of the conditions set forth[197] in § 14-312(2)(b) have been met, further provided that antennas to be placed on an existing structure shall be permitted without meeting any of the conditions set forth in § 14-312(2)(b);

(b) In "G-1," "G-2," "LR," and "PI," Facilities shall be permitted, provided that Facilities located within 500 feet of a Residential District or a lot line of a residential dwelling unit and shall comply[198] with all of the conditions set forth in § 14-312(2)(b).

(4) Additional Permitted Uses Within The Philadelphia Auto Mall.[199] Within the area bounded by Sixty-third street, Passyunk avenue, Essington avenue, Bartram avenue, Island avenue and Lindbergh boulevard, the following uses shall be permitted in a "G-2" General Industrial District:

(a) Auto, machine or wagon repair shop, including auto body and fender work and painting;

(b) Automobile service station for the retail sale of automobile fuels, lubricants, radiator fluids and accessories, and for the performance indoors of incidental service and repairs to automobiles, and the inspection of automobiles, provided the same is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

(c) Car washing establishment, using mechanical equipment for the purpose of washing and/or polishing automobiles and other vehicles; and

(d) The following uses as a main use:

(.1) Public garage;

(.2) Private garage;

(.3) Public parking lot;

(.4) Private parking lot;

(.5) Automobile sales lot and automobile showroom; car rental.