§14-504. "L-2" Limited Industrial District.

(1) Use Regulations. The specific uses permitted in this district shall be the erection, construction, alteration or use of buildings and/or land for the following uses, to be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building or in an inner court, except as otherwise specified herein.

(a) Bottling, canning and/or distribution of liquids for human consumption, including the manufacture of soft drinks and carbonated waters;

(b) Central heating plant;

(c) Cinema, radio and television studio; radio and television transmission tower; provided, a Zoning Board of Adjustment Certificate is obtained;

(d) Die cutting of purchased paper, purchased paperboard or purchased cardboard; pressing and moulding of purchased paper pulp goods; printing and embossing of purchased wallpaper stock; excluding any manufacture or processing of pulp, waste paper, or waste paper products;

(e) Distribution plants, parcel delivery, cold storage plants, and food commissaries;

(f) Drying, dehydrating and/or packaging of fruits and vegetables; and the freezing of fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and meats and the packaging of such frozen products;

(g) Water booster or sewer booster substations, telephone exchange buildings, railroad passenger stations, electric transforming or gas regulating substations; provided, that any facilities used in connection with an electric transforming or gas regulating substation located in the open air shall:

(.1) Not be within 50 feet of any Residential District;

(.2) Have a green belt at least 4 feet high containing evergreens, shrubbery and/or trees to be planted and maintained in an area at least 10 feet in depth around the entire inside perimeter of the lot, except at points of ingress or egress;

(h) Laboratories (analytical, chemical, and research) and assay offices, not to exceed 5,000 square feet in gross floor area; provided, that any laboratory animals shall be kept within completely enclosed buildings at all times;

(i) Manufacture of:

(.1) Apparel and garments of all sorts; lace, linen and fur goods; textile raincoats and outer garments of textile; apparel accessories; curtains, draperies and textile house furnishings; canvas products; trimmings, stamped art goods and needlework; embroideries; pleatings, stitchings and tuckings; felt goods; and other kindred textile articles;

(.2) Automatic merchandising and amusement machines;

(.3) Bread and other bakery products;

(.4) Butter, cheese, condensed and evaporated milk, ice cream and frozen desserts, and special dairy products;

(.5) Candy, chocolate, cocoa, chewing gum, and other confectionery products;

(.6) Cigarettes, cigars, smoking and chewing tobacco, and snuff;

(.7) Rope and twine, except if made of jute or sisal;

(.8) Drugs, including biological products, botanical products; medicines and pharmaceutical preparations;

(.9) Electrical measuring instruments and test equipment; switchgear and switchboard apparatus; electrical industrial controls; electrical welding apparatus; electrical household appliances; electrical wiring and wiring equipment (including light bulbs and lighting fixtures); radio and television receiving sets; communication equipment; X-ray apparatus and tubes; electrical equipment for internal combustion engines; and kindred electrical and electronic components and products; and further provided, that no process involving coating with rubber shall be permitted in this district;

(.10) Engineering, laboratory, scientific and research instruments; mechanical measuring and controlling instruments; automatic temperature controls; optical instruments and lenses; surgical, medical, and dental instruments and supplies; ophthalmic goods; watches, clocks, clockwork operated devices and watchcases; sighting and gunnery fire-control equipment;

(.11) Paper envelopes and bags; paperboard and fibre boxes, tubes, drums, and containers; other paper and paperboard products; provided, that the products herein shall be made from purchased paper, purchased paperboard or purchased fibreboard; and provided further, that the manufacture or processing of pulp, waste paper or waste paper products is prohibited;

(.12) Jewelry; jewelers’ findings and materials; lapidary work (including the cutting and polishing of diamonds); dolls; pens, pen points, mechanical pencils and parts; hand stamps, stationery seals; stencils; costume jewelry and costume novelties; ornamental feathers, plumes and artificial flowers; needles, pins and fasteners; lamp shades (except of glass or metal); umbrellas, parasols, and canes; tobacco pipes and cigarette holders; scale models, insignia, emblems and badges;

(.13) Leather gloves and mittens, luggage, handbags and personal leather goods, excluding footwear and saddlery;

(.14) Macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, ravioli and noodles;

(.15) Statuary and art goods made of plaster of Paris or papier-mache;

(.16) Typewriters; computing and accounting machines (including cash registers); scales and balances; and other office machines;

(j) Milk and cream processing and distribution;

(k) Offices and office record storage;

(l) Plastic articles from purchased plastic materials; provided, that no pressure molding or casting shall be permitted;

(m) Police and fire stations;

(n) Printing, publishing, and allied arts and trades;

(o) Repair of any products permitted to be manufactured or produced in this district; provided, that this paragraph shall not be construed to limit repair uses specifically permitted in any Commercial District;

(p) Rail freight, truck terminals or other similar necessary public utility uses; provided, that any facilities used in connection therewith located in the open air shall:

(.1) Not be within 100 feet of any Residential District;

(.2) Have a green belt at least 4 feet high containing evergreens, shrubbery and/or trees to be planted and maintained in an area at least 10 feet in depth along any boundary of the lot facing a Residential District;

(q) Storage buildings and warehouses, not including storage and baling of junk, scrap metal, rags, waste paper or used rubber;

(r) Accessory uses, customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses.

(2) Use Conditions. The above uses are permitted only when the following conditions are met:

(a) All uses in this district shall be carried on exclusively with off-site prepared ingredients and/or materials;

(b) No use or process shall be carried on in this District which is specifically listed in any General Industrial or Least Restricted District;

(c) No kiln shall be fired except by oil, gas, or electricity, and no individual kiln capacity shall exceed 200 cubic feet;

(d) No blast or reverberatory furnaces, or foundries shall be used;

(e) No punch or stamping presses over 20 tons rated capacity shall be used;

(f) No drop hammers shall be used;

(g) Any floodlights shall be focused onto the property, and no combustion or welding shall be visible beyond the lot lines;

(h) Where any fully assembled product regularly produced by any use under Section (1) above exceeds 2,000 pounds in weight, such use shall require a Zoning Board of Adjustment Certificate.

(3) Area Regulations.

(a) Occupied Area. Not more than 60% of the lot area shall be occupied by buildings.

(b) Open Area. The open area shall be not less than 40% of the area of the lot and shall consist of at least the required minimum front, side and rear yards, plus such other yards, inner courts or open courts as shall be required to equal an area not less than the total open area above required.

(c) Building Set-back Line. The building set-back line shall be 40 feet from all street lines; provided, that where there is a Residential or Recreational District on the same side of the street in the block, or opposite across the street from this district, the required building set-back line shall be 50 feet from the street line.

(d) Yards.

(.1) Front. The required minimum depth of a front yard shall be the depth required between the street line and the building set-back line, as herein specified;

(.2) Side. Every building shall have two required side yards, the minimum width of each of which shall be 12 feet; provided, that where there is an abutting Residential or Recreational District, the required minimum width of that side yard shall be 50 feet. A building located on a corner lot shall have the building set-back on the intersecting street adjudged a side yard and its width shall not be less than the set-back required;

(.3) Rear. The required minimum depth of a rear yard shall be 12 feet; provided, that where the rear lot line abuts a Residential or Recreational District, the required minimum depth of a rear yard shall be 50 feet.

(e) Courts. The minimum width of a court between wings of the same building shall be 12 feet. The least dimension of an inner court shall be eight feet, and such court shall contain a minimum area of 100 square feet.

(4) Height Regulations. There shall be no height regulations except as height may be limited by the other provisions of this district.

(5) Floor Area. No building shall have a gross floor area greater than 180% of the area of the lot.

(6) Bulk Regulations. The total bulk of a building or structure in cubic feet shall not exceed a number equal to 20 times the gross floor area permitted.

(7) Off-street Loading. Off-street loading spaces shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 14-1400 of this Title.

(8) Off-street Parking. With every building erected or extended in this district after the effective date of this ordinance there shall be provided one off-street parking space for each 700 square feet of floor area in such building, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 14-1400 of this Title; provided, that:

(a) Parking required for extensions or additions shall be computed for the floor area of the extended or added portion only;

(b) For warehouses and other buildings and structures used primarily for storage, one off-street parking space shall be provided for every 2,000 square feet of the gross floor area of the building, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 14-1400 of this Title.

(9) Signs. Signs shall be permitted in this district only under the following conditions:

(a) Signs shall pertain to the permitted use of the building, and shall not exceed 100 square feet in area upon any street line frontage.

(b) Signs shall not be erected at or upon the ground, nor project above the roof line or wall coping.

(c) Signs shall not face an abutting lot line of a Residential District nor face or abut any driveway or access road serving a Residential District to the side or rear.

(d) Signs may be animated or illuminated; provided, the illumination shall be focused upon the sign itself, so as to prevent glare upon the surrounding areas.

(e) Signs with flashing or intermittent illumination shall not be erected across the street from or within 150 feet of any Residential District nor facing any Residential District within 300 feet of the sign.

(f) Signs which revolve shall require a Certificate from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.[162]

(g) Any revolving device which causes intermittent flashes of light to be projected shall be prohibited.