§14-306.1. "C-6" Commercial District. [110]

(1) Use Regulations Without Certificate. The specific uses permitted in this district, which shall be wholly within a completely enclosed building, unless otherwise specified, shall be the erection, construction, alteration or use of buildings for the following sales and/or services on the premises, separately or in any combination:

(a) automobile showrooms, to include the performance indoors of incidental service and repairs to automobiles including clutch, cylinder, differential, and transmission repairs and the inspections of automobiles; provided, the same is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

(b) automobile repair shop (not including body and fender work, or painting);

(c) automobile service station for the retail sale of automobile fuels, lubricants, radiator fluids and accessories, and for the performance indoors of incidental service and repairs to automobiles including clutch, cylinder, differential or transmission repairs, incidental car washing indoors in an area not to exceed 400 square feet, and the inspection of automobiles; provided, the same is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

(d) boat, marine, and farm equipment sales, distributing of liquids for human consumption, electrical appliances and fixtures, floor coverings, florist merchandise, furniture, hardware, household appliances, nursery and garden supplies, package paints, radio and television sets and parts, tire stores, and trailers;

(e) bowling alley, business or professional agencies, office or studio, club houses, lodges, fraternity houses, dance studios, financial institutions, funeral parlors and post office;

(f) sales, storage and installation of automobile seat covers, glass, and mufflers;

(g) plumbing, heating, and electrical services, including the accessory storage of materials, and incidental repair work using hand tools only;

(h) hotels, as defined in § 14-102(29);

(i) municipal art galleries, municipal museums, or municipal libraries;

(j) police and fire stations;

(k) transportation terminals (except truck terminals);

(l) water booster or sewer booster substations, telephone exchange buildings, railroad passenger stations, electric transforming or gas regulating substations;

(m) indoor theater;

(n) commercial outdoor amusement parks, athletic and sports fields, outdoor swimming pools, and day camps, golf courses to include golf driving range and miniature golf courses;
(o) restaurant, cafe, soda or ice cream fountain, or catering, including outdoor dining areas;

(p) accessory uses, customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses; provided, that the accessory use does not occupy more than 25% of the gross floor area, and does not include open air storage of materials, equipment or merchandise.

(2) Use Regulations With Certificate. The following uses will be permitted in this district only if a Zoning Board of Adjustment certificate, as hereinafter provided, is obtained, and said use is conducted only in completely enclosed buildings, except (a) and (d) below:

(a) open air theater, open air motion pictures, and other open air entertainment;

(b) automobile body, fender and painting shop; provided, that such service shop shall be conducted wholly in the same building with and incidental to an automobile sales agency and showroom; provided further, that no wall abutting a residential district shall have windows or doors;

(c) buildings supplies;

(d) car washing establishment, using mechanical equipment for the purpose of washing and/or polishing automobiles and other vehicles; such Zoning Board of Adjustment certificate as required in (2), above, shall only be issued where such use will have on the premises: (1) a waiting area for incoming cars accessible to the entrance end of the washing equipment, of at least 4,000 square feet, and (2) an area beyond the exit end of the washing equipment, of at least 400 square feet, so situated as to be usable for the hand finishing of the washing process;

(e) a use of the same general character as (a) through (d), above, when authorized by a Zoning Board of Adjustment certificate;

(f) accessory uses, not otherwise prohibited, customarily incidental to any permitted principal use.

(3) Prohibited Uses. All uses, except those specified in (1) and (2) above, including manufacturing uses, are prohibited in this district.

(4) Required Conditions.

(a) All business, service, or processing except those specifically exempted in (2)(a) and (d) shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building, except for automobile parking, the same of automotive fuel, lubricants, accessories, and radiator fluids at service stations, outdoor dining area, and outdoor selling area located contiguous to the building and not exceeding an area equal to 5% of the sum for the aggregate floor area of all floors of the building erected on the premises; provided, any other outdoor accessory use shall be permitted only by a Zoning Board of Adjustment certificate.

(b) There shall be provided on the same lot off-street parking spaces for automobiles in accordance with the following requirements:

(.1) The total parking area, including access drives and aisles, shall be equal to not less than the sum of the aggregate floor area of all floors of the structure above the first floor plus twice the aggregate floor area of the first floor of the structure. For purposes of this computation, the aggregate floor area shall be measured between the interior sides of exterior walls, including stairways, halls, closets, and similar areas.

(.2) Provisions of Section 14-1403 (2), (3), and (4) of this Title are applicable.

(5) Area Regulations.

(a) Minimum Area and Frontage. The minimum area shall be 45,000 square feet, and said area shall have frontage on at least three streets, one of which shall be a minimum of 70 feet in width, and on which said area shall have a minimum frontage of 150 feet in length.

(b) Occupied Area. Not more than 50% of the lot shall be occupied by buildings; provided that no building, storage of any kind, or parking of vehicles or equipment shall be permitted within 25 feet of any lot line abutting a residential district.

(c) Open Area. The open area shall consist of any space not occupied by buildings and shall not total less than 50% of the lot area; provided that, where this district abuts a residential district, a green belt shall be planted and maintained in an area at least 10 feet in depth from any such abutting residential district, shall extend in length along the entire lot line abutting said residential district, and shall contain evergreens, shrubbery, and/or trees, at least four feet in height.

(d) Floor Area. The gross floor area shall not exceed an area equal to 150% of the area of the lot.

(e) Building Set-back Line. No building set-back line shall be required, subject to the provisions of § 14-107 of this Title.

(f) Yards. No front, side, or rear yards shall be required, however, any building not erected on lot lines shall be erected at least five feet from said lot lines (subject to Section 14-306.1(5)(b) and (c)).

(6) Height Regulations.

(a) The maximum height of any structure shall be 35 feet above the average ground level at the base of the structure, but in no case over three stories (subject to provisions of § 14-313(1)[111]).

(7) Off-street Loading. Off-street loading spaces shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 14-1400 of this Title.

(8) Signs. Signs accessory to uses on the premises shall be permitted in this district only under the following conditions:

(a) One sign shall be permitted on each building and it shall not exceed 3 square feet for each linear foot of building facing any and only one street, shall be constructed facing only on that street designated for the above computation, and may be (1) attached flat against the wall of the building or marquee or, (2) upon the roof of a marquee, and may project above the roof or wall coping, but may not extend beyond the building walls. In the case of multiple users in one building, the locations and numbers of signs totaling not more than the allowable sign area as above set forth may be authorized by a certificate issued from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

(b) Signs may be animated or illuminated; provided, the illumination shall not create glare upon the surrounding areas;

(c) Signs with flashing or intermittent illumination shall not be erected within 150 feet of any Residential District, nor facing any Residential District within 300 feet of the sign;

(d) Signs which revolve shall be prohibited;

(e) Any revolving device which causes intermittent flashes of light to be projected shall be prohibited.