§14-2105. Specifications for Maps and Plats.

(1) Partial Subdivision. Where only a portion of a tract of land is subdivided, the balance of said tract for which subdivision is not proposed need not be included in the maps of plats required hereunder. If the balance of said tract is later subdivided, the provisions of this chapter shall apply;

(2) Specifications for Property Data Map. Property Data Maps shall be drawn at a scale of 100 feet or less to one inch and the following information shall be shown thereon:

(a) name of the subdivider;

(b) name of the registered owner;

(c) North point, and scale and date;

(d) name of engineer, architect, surveyor, or other qualified person responsible for the map;

(e) tract boundaries with bearings and distances;

(f) topography, with elevations based on datum approved by the Department of Streets, and showing contours at vertical intervals of 5 feet;

(g) approximate location of water courses, tree masses, rock outcrops, existing buildings and actual location of sewers, inlets, water mains, easements, fire hydrants, railroads, existing or confirmed streets and their established grades;

(h) adjacent streets.

(3) Specifications for Preliminary Plat and Data.

(a) The Preliminary Plat shall indicate in sketch form on the Property Data Map the following information:

(.1) Proposed street layout, street names, lot-lines, and lot identification numbers. Lots shall show approximate dimensions and areas when required by the Commission; streets shall indicate proposed cartway and right-of-way widths, approximate radii of curvature and approximate grades;

(.2) Sites dedicated or reserved for purposes other than residential;

(.3) Proposed sewerage, drainage, including the method for the control of on-site stormwater runoff, and water supply.[460]

(b) When required by the Commission, the subdivider shall submit data on subsoil conditions.

(4) Specifications for Final Plat and Data.

(a) The Final Plat shall be drawn in ink on cloth, at a scale of 100 feet or less to one inch and shall indicate the following information:

(.1) name of subdivider and the owner in whose name the plat is to be recorded;

(.2) title;

(.3) North point, scale and date;

(.4) name and seal of registered professional engineer or surveyor or other qualified person;

(.5) primary control points, approved by the Department of Streets, or ties to such control points to which all pertinent engineering data shall be referred;
(.6) boundaries, with distances, bearings, and location of monuments. Such dimensions shall be in feet and hundredths of a foot;

(.7) street lines, street names, lot names, and lot identification numbers, easements, and other land divisions and their purpose;

(.8) radii, lengths of curves, and tangent bearings for all streets;

(.9) right-of-way and cartway widths for all streets;

(.10) when required by the Department of Streets, street profiles, details of culverts or other necessary data;
(.11) building lines or street set-back lines;

(.12) calculated area of all lots where area approximation is within 5% of the minimum area requirements;

(.13) location and boundaries of all non-dedicated ways or easements, and of drainage ways;

(.14) location and outline place of all existing structures to remain;

(.15) location of all watercourses;

(.16) when required by the Commission the location, depth, and size of sewers, storm-water drains, waterlines, location of wells and cesspools or septic tanks;

(.17) a certification showing that applicant is owner of the land;

(.18) statement dedicating streets, rights-of-way or other areas for public use as may be required by the City;

(.19) such other certificates, affidavits, or endorsements as the Commission may require for the enforcement of this chapter.