§14-202. Use and Zoning Regulation Charts. [17]

Permitted uses in a zoning district shall include the erection, construction, alteration or use of buildings and/or land for the uses set forth in this Chapter for that district. Permitted uses in residential districts are set forth in a chart at §14-205, supplemented by footnotes and abbreviations at §14-204; by additional use provisions at §14-203; and by certain rules and exceptions at §14-231. For provisions governing use of all residentially zoned properties, see those four sections. For properties zoned "R-10B", "R-11", "R-11A", "R-12", "R-13", "R-14", "R-15", "R-16", "R-18", "R-19", "R-20", "RC-1", "RC-2", "RC-3", "RC-4" and "RC-6" Residential, in addition to the four above-referenced sections, refer to §§14-206 through §14-215. Nothing in this section shall preclude the application of other applicable sections of this Title to properties in residential districts.