§14-1626. Demolition Moratorium in Old City. [429.1]

(1) Definition. For purposes of this Section, "Old City" shall include all properties within the following boundary: beginning at Fifth Street where it intersects with Chestnut Street, continuing north along Fifth Street to Vine Street, then west on Vine Street to Randolph Street, north on Randolph Street to Wood Street, east on Wood Street to Second Street, south on Second Street to Vine Street, east on Vine Street to l-95, south on l-95 to Walnut Street, west on Walnut Street to Second Street, north on Second Street to Chestnut Street, and west on Chestnut Street to the beginning point at Fifth Street.

(2) No demolition of any building or other structure within Old City shall be permitted, unless (i) such demolition is necessary to abate an imminently dangerous condition as determined by the Department of Licenses and Inspections, (ii) a building permit for such demolition is obtained in accordance with all provisions of §14-2007(7) and the regulations issued pursuant to that Section, applying those provisions as if Old City were a designated historic district, or (iii) either a zoning and use registration permit for such demolition or a building permit for such demolition was issued prior to December 5, 2002, in which case the provisions of the foregoing clause (ii) shall not apply.