§14-1404. Parking in Industrial Districts.

(1) Provisions for Parking: The following provisions shall apply in all Industrial Districts:[234]

(a) With every new building erected in "L-1," "L-2," "L-3," "L-5," "G-1," "G-2" and "LR" and with every existing building extended in "L-1," "L-2," "L-3," "L-5," "G-1" Industrial Districts after the effective date of this ordinance, there shall be provided on the same lot an area or garage containing parking spaces with adequate access to a street or driveway connecting to a street for the use of the occupants of said building;

(b) Every new building erected and every existing building which is altered or converted to contain a dance hall, night club or restaurant in the area of the City specified in Section 14-312(1) in "L-4" and "G-2" shall comply with the following parking requirements.

(2) Number of Spaces Required. The number of spaces required for each building is set forth in the regulations of the various districts.

(3) Type of Parking Required: Such parking spaces may be in:

(a) A garage structure, which shall be considered as part of the occupied area of the lot, and/or

(b) An open-air area which shall not be considered as part of the occupied area of the lot.

(4) Area per Parking Space:

(a) The minimum dimensions of each individual parking space in any Industrial District shall be not less than nine feet by eighteen feet.[235]

(b) An additional area equal to 25% of the area of all the required individual parking spaces shall be provided for aisles and driveways as access to the parking spaces.

(5) Location of Parking: Parking provided in any industrial district, whether open-air or in a detached garage structure may be located anywhere upon the lot: provided, that in "L-1," "L-2," and "L-3" Industrial Districts where such parking is in front of the building it shall be located behind the required building set-back line.
(6) Open-air Parking Provisions: Where the parking spaces in any Industrial District are in an open-air area, the open-air area shall:

(a) In the case of all parking areas:

(.1) Be situated on ground which does not contain any grades in excess of 10% namely, changes of grade of one foot for each 10 feet;

(b) In cases where three or more parking spaces are required or provided:

(.1) Comply with the provisions of subparagraph (a) above;

(.2) Comply with the applicable provisions of Section 9-601 of The Philadelphia Code, and a Certificate of Approval issued by the Department of Streets, said Certificate to become part of the zoning application;

(.3) Be paved with a hard top surface of cement concrete, bituminous concrete, or asphalt, including all accessways and/or driveways from the street.

(7) Lighting: Any lighting which is provided for open-air parking areas in any Industrial District shall be focused so as to prevent glare on any Residential District.